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This product offers several cds worth of products that will likely help you to improve your outlook on life and yourself. If the author had avoided the outlandish claims, the product could have rated much higher in my opinion.


The product makes claims that do not line up with reality as I see it. The product is fairly expensive at $47. The product is very cryptic about what the program actually offers. I buy nothing unless I know exactly what it is I am buying.


This product sets off my warning bells and feels like bad product if only because of the sales page. I just don't feel good about it without solid independent reviews to offset my concerns.

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Sonic Secret - Law of Attraction Music System from Joe DePalma
The Sonic Secret Review
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"The Sonic Secret" by Joe DePalma - REVIEW

I am all for any product that can enhance our lives and make things better, but I am fairly tired of products that promise you something without any true effort on your part. The Sonic Secret: Law of Attraction Music System at first blush comes across as a "too good to be true" type of product. There are a number of warning signs that pop up when I read the sales page for the product. I will get into those shortly, but let me also say that I am all about self improvement through any means necessary. I do believe that we can tap into the world and universe and that this can give us great motivation. That said, let's continue.

Who is Joe DePalma anyway?

DePalma is an energy musician, as well as an author and speaker that is the brains behind the program. He first experienced this connection with the universe while undergoing a medical procedure. Suddenly, he says, he magically was at one with the universe and the doctor even commented on how he was glowing from the inside out. He is very careful not to reveal what "it" actually is but he later describes this as HVE technology. He goes so far as to say that he will only reveal this technology to those that are "courageous" enough to try the problem. Ummm. Can you say red flag?

No way I am buying something when I have no idea what it actually is. You can describe the technology at least in general terms. Not doing so and being so cryptic screams that problems could exist here.

Is this basically "The Secret" in disguise?

The sales page does acknowledge "The Secret" but it says that the Sonic Secret is providing something new. Not only that, this new information is the real information to make it work. Without this super special magic information, the whole Laws of Attraction  thing falls apart. (My words in that last sentence there)

The fact is, The Sonic Secret is very persuasive on their sales page. While DePalma is very cryptic about what the program actually is, he is not cryptic at all about what the program will do for you. This is where I have a serious issue with the program overall.

Who needs a magic pill...or song?

Through listening to his program of songs and subliminal messages, DePalma promises you quite a bit. He mentions you will experience and gain:
  • The ability to seize personal power - (what is that exactly?)
  • True Abundance - Watch those assets grow he says...
  • Awaken your mind, body and spirit - more general promises that are hard to quantify
  • End Procrastination - I can see this maybe.
  • Overcome a break-up or divorce - Really? 
  • Attain power over grief and bereavement. - I can see this maybe.
  • Illuminate your inner peace - Okay
  • Connect to your soul-mate including romance, sex and companionship. How exactly? Is Barry White included on these tapes?
  • Gain command over anxiety and depression - I can see this actually.
  • Enhance longevity and anti-aging - I can see this as a good state of mind can make you younger in spirit.
  • Generate balance and harmony - General again
  • Align with your spiritual journey - Really?
  • Possessing the secret to manifesting your desires while ending the work and having fun - No work, eh? This is where the wheels really fall off.

I am sorry but the vast majority of the things mentioned above are not going to come about because you listen to some songs in my opinion. I certainly think it is wrong to tell people they can do this without working as is insinuated in the last one above. Ironically, I have no problem with some of these things above because things like this can be truly helpful for some people. I do think that there is a place for products like this. I do not agree with making outlandish claims about what it will do. This product clearly does that in spades raising more red flags for me as a consumer.

What does the Internet say?

The Internet says precious little without an affiliate code attached where this product is concerned. The Sonic Secret is heavily marketed online and tons of folks are looking for commissions so finding an independent review was fairly tough. I did find a few that felt much the same way I did about the product. I found no independent positive reviews that were not in some way hawking the product.Though the product is marketed heavily, that is by no means a negative thing. The fact is, the Internet had precious little to say about the product either way. The only ones I personally found were negative or affiliates. I did find one that claimed that it could be helpful in quitting smoking, but it was simply a comment on the affiliate page.

So is the Sonic Secret worth buying?

Basically it is worth it if you are really all about this type of thing. At $47, the program is not exactly cheap. I know that personally I would not order the product based on the ridiculous claims and boasts that the sales page makes. Please understand that this is a personal opinion based more on my own observations than any data that can be found online. This is because the little bit of data and opinions I can find are all by affiliates that gain something by touting the product. The few that were not were not positive at all.
Date Reviewed: April 9, 2012, 6:11 pm
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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