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Great value for the price. Gives you many options.


Some might consider it difficult to set up and to use.


This is a great product for the price and would also make a great gift for anyone who loves flight simulation and similar games.

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T-Flight HOTAS X Flight Stick from Thrustmaster
Thrustmaster T Flight Hotas X Flight Stick Review
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Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X Flight Stick (PC, PS3) - FULL REVIEW

Every gamer who plays flight simulator games needs to have a joystick that is built for this purpose.  There are so many different types of flight simulators that a flight stick is even more preferable to a joystick as there are more controls that are offers.  Enter the Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X Flight Stick.  This is more than just a joystick as it offers much more to the gamer. 

Since I do enjoy an occasional flight simulation program, I thought I’d take a look at this one as the average price is very affordable at $50 on average.  But does the lower price mean a less than quality product?  That remains to be seen but from a glance, it seems to be well worth it.  This is not just a small joystick with many buttons, but it comes with a removable throttle as well as joystick and they are “real size”.  This alone would make this a great joystick but there is much more to it.

Let’s take a look at some of the other features offered in the Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X Flight Stick:

Product Features

  • 12 Programmable Buttons
  • 5 Programmable Axles
  • Ergonomic Detachable Throttle
  • Can Also be Utilized as Stand Alone Joystick
  • Programmable Presets
  • Adjustable Resistance
  • Compatible with PC or PS3
  • Plug and Play

With all these features it is a wonder that this joystick is not priced much higher than it is.  Nearly every gamer, new, or long time player would benefit from having a flight stick that also acts as a joystick. It's a necessity when it comes to video games

Why You Need It

This is a great overall flight stick and it is also pretty good as a stand-alone joystick but more on that later. With all the programmable buttons, it is hard to not find a configuration that fits the average and super gamers’ needs.  The fact that the throttle is detachable means that lefties can use this flight stick and set it up for their own needs.  This removable throttle can be taken off with an allen wrench that is provided.  This allows the gamer to set up the throttle for real cockpit feel that many other flight sticks miss.

The buttons have great reaction times and since they are programmable they can be set for any input that is available.  The configurations can also be saved so switching from one game to another means a quick click and the new configuration is loaded.  For real flight simulation, this flight stick offers it all with the added bonus of so many programmable buttons.

The plug and play capabilities means that there’s nothing to download and set up which means getting into the action that much quicker.  Windows recognizes the joystick and auto installs everything so even those who have no computer skills at all can start using it.  It is also fully plug and play into the PS3 and it can be switched between the two by simply unplugging it and moving it.

What Can Be Improved Upon

This is really a great all around joystick which could use one simple improvement to make it perfect.  While the buttons have great reaction times, the joystick does have the minor flaw of not being very responsive.  It has too much wiggle room before the programs notice it is being moved.  While this may be great for new users who need that wiggle room, the gamers who have been using this type of flight stick may find it a bit unnerving. 

There is also not enough cable between the joystick and the throttle and the cable cannot be unplugged.  It would have been better to have the ability to unplug them in case one falls and the cable snaps instead of coming out of the socket.  A longer cable would make accidents not happen either.  It’s a minor detail but worth mention.


Overall, this is a great flight stick and it is well worth the small price tag.  I have put this one at the top of my list and will probably purchase it.  The small issues that have been found with it are not a deal breaker for me and I doubt they are for others either.

Date Reviewed: April 9, 2012, 6:59 pm
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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