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Natural ingredients, less chances of side effects


The Company does not provide any clinical tests or evaluation to support its claims about the product


If you are looking for a natural health supplement for thyroid, try Thypro in consultation with your doctor.

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Thypro from Pacific Naturals
Thypro Thyroid Formula Review
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Thypro Natural Thyroid Support (Natural Formula) REVIEW - What are real customers saying?

Thypro is an all-natural formula to support a healthy thyroid. Thypro works with the body’s natural systems to help the thyroid produce the correct level of hormone for healthy body functioning. It is a natural solution to your thyroid needs, and is produced with herbs that have been known for many decades to help improve thyroid condition.

Thypro is promoted by Pacific Naturals, which is a herbal supplements company established in 2002. The company is a member of the Natural Products Association, which is the oldest body for the natural products industry in the United States. Thypro is manufactured in the United States.


The company claims that Thypro helps support a healthy thyroid. In other words, the company not claiming that this product can be useful for people with underactive or overactive thyroid conditions. It also claims that the product helps fight excessive weight gain, regulates mood swings, and improves the body’s metabolism.

A well-functioning thyroid helps you feel more energized and active. The body is able to eliminate the toxins more effectively and the immune system receives a boost too. The general health and well-being of a person will improve with Thypro over a period of time. Reduced stress and a well-balanced lifestyle can be achieved with this herbal supplement.

The Big Picture

The benefits of this product are great; the slights seem hard to find. If you can become healthier then you can be more productive at work and this product pays for itself. This product does not seem to be for everyone but that does also depend on your financial status. If you can afford it, then this product seems like it will find a way to improve your life on some level. Even if you are financially strapped, this product will boost your energy, or so it claims, helping you out at work. If you can augment your results at work at 10%, this product more than pays for itself, even if you are just working a minimum wage job.

The worst case scenario, you pay for this product and over a month or so, you do not feel any benefit and can detect not one area that you seem enchanted or satisfied with this product. Well, then you will not be a repeat customer, and you move on with life. This product does not claim to be a panacea but the manufacturer illustrates there are many ways Thypro can make your life better. You will not know for sure until you try it for a few weeks consecutive as directed. If you are having depression or emotional ups and downs, if you are overweight, if you seem to become sick more than average, you may want to give Thypro a chance – it seems your body may need some assistance.

Online Weight Management Club

When you place your first order of Thypro, you will receive a free lifetime membership to the company’s online fitness and weight management program. This privilege is only meant for Thypro customers. It will provide you with customized exercise programs, fitness tracking systems, and diet plans. The first order will also give you a free e-book on weight loss tips and a free MP3 audio file to help achieve your weight loss goals.


Pacific Naturals sells Thypro at a variable price. One month’s supply is sold at $49.95, three months’ supply at $99.95, and six months’ supply at $149.95. Each order comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, subject to the package being unopened and unused. The product can be purchased online through the company’s official website.


Thypro is not a medical treatment for thyroid related disorders. The content of this product review must not be construed as medical advice, and the product may not be suitable in your case. Consult your physician before taking this thyroid health supplement. If you suffer from any existing medical condition or are taking any other medications or health supplements, do not use Thypro. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children should also avoid using this product.


From the limited facts and information available about Thypro, the product appears to be a safe and effective for thyroid health. However, it has been given a rating of 6/10 because there are no customer reviews, comments or feedback available. Therefore, it is difficult to evaluate the actual opinion of users about Thypro.

Date Reviewed: November 23, 2011, 10:28 am
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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