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Large viewing makes it easy to see while running, powered by GPS from TomTom and tough enough to last through whatever kind of running you do.


Kind of pricey and a bit large for petite wrists.


This is a great watch for runners of all types but it might be a bit much for the casual athlete.

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Nike+ SportWatch GPS from TomTom
Tom Tom Nike SportWatch GPS Review
Lisa Mason rates this 4.5/5
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Nike+ SportWatch GPS from TomTom is a Great Buy

As a fairly serious runner, I was tired of using a basic cell phone app as a pedometer to track my runs, but after going through a number of pedometers that seemed to fail after just a few weeks of use, I thought it might be time to look into something of higher quality that was also more technologically advanced. There are many great sport watches out there so finding the one for you can be a challenge.

After quite a bit of research I decided to purchase the Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom for about $200. While itís not perfect by any means, it is getting the job done and still working well after several months of use. The best part is it seems to make me feel more motivated to get out and run.

Design and features

This is a really cool, attractive sporty watch. While some people feel it can be worn as a fashion statement, I donít think Iíd go that far. For a smaller female it is a bit bulky, although there seems to be a wide variety of opinion on this with some people commenting itís too small and others stating it to be way too big. For me, itís just only slightly too big for my tastes, but something I can live with. The bottom line is that if you think that might be an issue for you, Iíd recommend trying one on before making an online purchase.

The watch has a wide variety of features. If youíre looking for something simple, you probably donít want to buy this, but I love to play with all gadgets this watch has.† It has built in GPS and tracks your time, distance, pace, heart rate with an optional sensor, and calories burned. It also shows your mapped route with pace data and even changes in elevation. For someone who loves stats, the Nike+ SportWatch GPS is a dream.

In addition, the automatic run reminders that go off when a run hasnít been logged in the past five days, are a very useful feature- even though Iím well aware when I miss a workout, itís still an excellent motivator. I also like that if you run a personal best youíll receive an ďAttaboy,Ē something akin to getting a star in elementary school, but still fun and motivating.

There are training programs on which Iíve not used yet, but plan to do so soon. By connecting with youíll have the ability to join challenges and connect with friends who are members; another outstanding motivator.

Do People Like It?

There were many great reviews out there about this product so one of the first things I looked for was to see if people were complaining:

Having owned Polar RS800, Polar RCX5, Garmin 305, Garmin 310XT, and Garmin 210, I would put this up there as one of my faorites. The website is the best one out there, and the sites detailed training programs are worth using to achieve your best time yet.- Maxximus 76
I have to say that this watch has been a great motivator for me. The first time I uploaded my data to Nike's site, and watched my run show up on the screen, and saw the details about my pace for each of the 3 miles? It was...well...motivating! I liked the idea that my next run would be an opportunity to match or improve upon my last run. So, while I expected this watch to provide me with useful information, I was pleasantly surprised at the potential I saw in the watch helping me to be a better runner.- N. Krumpe


I tend to get frustrated with some high technology gadgets when it comes to the initial setup of these devices, but for the average person who has lots of toys, it shouldnít be difficult to set up. It comes with brief instructions advising the user to plug it into their computer and download the user guide. The watch plugs right into your computer and I didnít have any problems setting it up.

The workout

The watchís default display shows big numbers, so you donít have to worry about squinting to see them while youíre running. Starting the workout is really simple Ė although the biggest issue is getting a GPS signal which can take some time, so you will need some patience. It also seems to work better after a few runs. There is also the bundled red Nike+ sensor which can be tucked beneath your shoelaces, or put in the pouch that some Nike shoes come with. If youíre having issues with the GPS, try synching it up with your computer before your run, and that should take care of it. I havenít experienced any problems after following that advice from another user.


I love my Nike+ SportWatch. Iím running farther and more often with the extra push it seems to give me, in addition to the other users Iíve connected with who seem to help keep me inspired to run.

Date Reviewed: May 23, 2012, 12:26 pm
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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