Toshiba Camileo S20
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Toshiba Camileo S20 Review From: Toshiba

Numerous resolution settings; very cheap.

Zoom function isn't good; video quality worsens in low light situations.

This is a must buy if you're looking for a budget camcorder.

Does the Toshiba Camileo S20 Stack Up to the Competition?

With numerous resolution settings and a flippable LCD screen, the Toshiba Camileo S20 is unlike any pocket camcorder on the market--and priced at $149.99, it may also be one of the cheapest. Even better: For even more fun, it also comes with automatic lighting adjusters, a back light, and high definition 1080p mode. Here is my review.

  • Has numerous resolution settings
  • Has a variety of different lighting presets
  • Very cheap

  • Zoom is still limited to a passable 4x digital zoom
  • Some video degradation in low light
  • Does not have optical zoom


At 3.5 ounces, the Toshiba Camileo S20 is very light and compact--measuring about as big as a Smartphone, according to Toshiba. All of the buttons and controls are packed neatly into the digital video camera, so nothing juts out awkwardly--not even the video lens itself. For those who love customization, you'll be happy to know this video camera comes in eight different colors--ranging from a deep chocolate brown to baby pink. This camcorder should fit easily into a jean pocket without bulging out too obscenely; it also comes with a belt loop for easy mounting to a belt.

Of the Toshiba's greatest features would probably be this, however--its flippable (and expandable) LCD screen, something previously only seen in full-sized camcorders. From the side of the camcorder, you can release and open up a vibrant, flippable LCD screen, which allows you to view pre-recorded movies or see what you're currently recording--whether that's a scene opening in front of you or yourself. Overall, this camcorder is one of the best camcorders on the market, its design being a focal point.


To operate the camera, you'll use the buttons on the side of the device; although small, they're not hard to operate. The camera's main recording buttons are conveniently located on the side closest to the LCD screen, directly opposite of the lens; there is also a small scroll button for scrolling through possible menu options. The lower half of this side also contains various outlets for plugging the device into the TV or computer. It also contains a HDMI slot, which should be useful for those transferring high definition (1080p) videos elsewhere.

Though customers have complained that the menus can be hard to navigate at times, it still remains a fairly easy device to use, benefiting both the novice and professional user.


Of all of the current pocket camcorders on the market right now, the Toshiba Camileo S20 contains the greatest variety of features--many of which are sometimes more extensive than features found on full-sized camcorders, such as the Samsung SMX. For starters, the Camileo S20 allows you to record in several settings--from HD to VGA. It also comes with a video stabilization feature, which eliminates any shakiness during recording, though this feature is disabled on any resolution above 720p. For better shooting, it also comes with digital zoom, although optical zoom is absent here and even digital zoom isn't that great, only going to 4x. Still, it's better than other comparable pocket camcorders, such as the Flip Ultra HD.

For video modification, the Toshiba Camileo S20 also comes with several lighting and color presets, which include night mode and soft skin mode. For optimal lighting, it also comes with a back light, which lights the immediate shooting area and prevents video degradation, though this still does occur with this camcorder. What makes this camcorder better than the competition is its manual features, however--being able to manually change the white balance, although this is buried deep within the video camera's settings.

What the Customers Think

"In all, I'm very satisfied with this purchase. This unit is small and light and packed with features, some you'll use and others that you may experiment with once in a while, but are nice to have when and if the need arises." - G.T. Olson

"I hope more folks pull the trigger on this little camera and give their remarks as well. If you want high picture quality then don't waste your time with any pocket camcorder regardless of what the company or others tell you. If you want something that is light, small, well made and takes good picutres but nothing on a grand scale.......well this little camcorder is it! Bar none!!!!" - Robert M. Matthews


Although a few problems make this camcorder less than perfect, it's still one of the best camcorders on the market--and it's very affordable too. I highly recommend it.
Date Reviewed: May 29, 2012, 2:34 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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