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Surf specific exercises, step-by-step program which is proven by many surfers.


Premiere package can prove expensive.


Recommended. Helps you get ready to make the most of that precious time on the water.

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"Total Surfing Fitness" by Clayton Beatty - FULL REVIEW

Gliding down that perfect wave, it looks so elegant, so cool, so effortless.
But anyone who has actually tried to surf will know how testing it can be for your body. You need balance, strength, endurance and skill to make it look so easy!
And this is a particular issue for people who, for whatever reason, can't get out in the waves all the time, who may only have a couple of weeks a year to enjoy surfing or who are 'weekend warriors' anxious to make the most of their time on the water.
This is where Total Surfing Fitness comes in.
This is, 'functional fitness training for surfers' which means it targets the specific needs of the sport, rather than generalized fitness or strength.
Created by Clayton Beatty, an Australian Exercise Scientist with a passion for surfing, this program is designed to help other surfers be the best that they can.
You will learn how to use surfing exercises and workouts to get your body in the best physical condition before you hit the waves.
The program will also help reduce the risk of injury - which has to be a big anxiety, especially for the '2 weeks a year' surfers. We've all seen them, limping forlornly along the beach while their friends and family play in the waves.
'Triple your wave count with surf specific fitness training,' says Clayton. 
The program is based around a 5 step blueprint which will not only improve your surfing style but get you in the best shape of your life!
So, you'll learn how to increase your paddle fitness (no more jelly arms!) with interval training to improve your cardiovascular fitness. Then, crucially, you'll address your core stability and strength - so you can use your core muscles to stabilize your torso whilst other forces (those waves) act against you.
Then you'll address your upper body endurance in your arms, back and shoulders; improve your mobility and flexibility and then learn exercises to improve your balance and lower body strength. 
Did you know that most surfers to not do any balance training? Actually it is relatively easy to achieve significant improvements using simple, specific training methods. 
'Proven on hundreds of surfers from all over the globe,' says Clayton. This is a 12 week, step by step surf training program.
So lets hear from some of those surfers. Is Total Surfing Fitness really any different from more generalized strength and conditioning?
'I started the Total Surfing Fitness program exactly 12 weeks prior to my 1st overseas surfing trip to Bali in the hope of increasing my confidence and ability in the water... It suited my needs exactly. I particularly enjoyed the stretching part of the program and noticed a marked improvement flexibility and agility. My trip to Bali was awesome. I surfed 2-3 times a day for 17 days straight.'
This endorsement comes from the TSF website, however it is matched by reviews on independent websites.
'It's a great workout without leaving you totally burnt out. The focus here is on exercise that targets several muscle groups at the same time, the way we surf, instead of isolating a muscle group as many machines/bodybuilders do.'
And he's not the only one.
'Without your program I would not be able to surf as hard as I have for years without severe back and groin pain. Not only am I surfing better, I have greater strength to finish off manoeuvres without any pain at the time or later.'
And it's not just for exercise buffs. 
'I am not an exercise person, my fitness is surfing and hiking. This routine gives me more motivation because the outcome will improve my surfing.'
There's no need to go to the gym, either. All the exercises can be done with just your bodyweight, dumbbells and a stability ball. So work out in your home, backyard, on the beach or in the gym!
The program costs $37, but you can pay up to $70 for the premiere package so watch out for offers.
And this was the only downside I could find from reviewers and users.
'Very good exercises but over priced,' said one.
Some surfers found it helped them keep fit during flat spells so that they were ready when the waves came in.
'Summer here in So Cal can be very inconsistent, flat for 3 weeks then a solid SW swell for days, flat for another week... Clayton’s exercises have helped me to maintain my strength in the flat spells and has given me more spring and jump in my turns and airs.'
That's what surfing is all about! Being ready for the waves when they come. And you can't get on the waves without paddling out there.
'My paddle improved significantly,' said one surfer. 'Not just the endurace, for the those heavy current days at Ocean Beach, but also the power of my stroke.'
There are lots of online videos you can view for free to help you decide if Total Surfing Fitness is for you.
So get out there and exercise - you'll thank Clayton Beatty next time you're riding the waves!
Date Reviewed: December 21, 2011, 11:24 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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