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TradeKing Review From: TradeKing

Excellent customer service Award-winning Low fees Mobile apps for iPhone and Blackberry

App unavailable for Android Banking service less desirable than other brokers

TradeKing has a proven track record for its 2005-developed trade platform, user-friendly website and top-knotch customer service.

TradeKing Trading Broker Review - Here's what traders are saying...

“Be good.”

Yes, we’ve heard our parents say it, perhaps followed by the threat of heading to bed sans dinner or sent to the car to wait by our lonesome. We might have even heard that fearful additional phrase of: I brought you into this world… (Ugh.)

Yes, we’ve heard our teachers say it, perhaps followed by the threat of staying after school to bang chalk-filled erasers together. We might have even been sent home with a note needing to be signed ‘By tomorrow’ (to which we earnestly tried to forge our parent’s signature).

“Be good” isn’t, however, always directly related to not eating our vegetables, talking back or bad behaviour. Instead, it has become the tagline that sums up the philosophy by the company taking online trading to new heights. Get this: It’s about business partners and clients! (You read that correctly.)

We’re now able to tune out the droning of how this trading is better than that one. It can be likened to Charlie Brown’s infamous adult-speak of “Wah-wah-wah” to, well, “Better service. Better platform. Better pricing”.  For reals. Without a doubt, TradeKing’s  president and CEO, Mr. Don Montanaro, plainly states on the company website that

“One thing I always find helpful when researching a new service or vendor is hearing ‘straight from the horse’s mouth about what makes them worth my time and money”.

While this goes a long way to validate the way in which TradeKing trades, it’s paramount that backup research of said service or vendor is properly investigated. Instead of taking the opinion of any one company, let’s dig deeper into our financial futures to ensure we won’t flat-line off a trading catastrophe.

Like anything in life, trading has its risks. Those same risks, however, can come with relief. With a stellar four-star Barron’s rating, the 2005-developed TradeKing puts customer service at the top of its list while a definite selling point is the transmission of information via online chat and advice from professional traders.

The focus of TradeKing seems to be in its low stock rates. At a minimum flat rate of just $4.95(per stock trade) and $4.95 + $0.65 (per trade option), TradeKing makes the market available for newbies to test out. Don’t worry though; TradeKing can be taken far more seriously for any of us who are advanced in our trading know-how. Unplugging us from our computers, mobile apps for the iPhone and Blackberry have evolved the way we’re permitted to trade and by doing so we can maintain a watchful eye on our investment at any time.

Ok, so that’s it right? Customer service, online help, low stock rates, apps…? Not quite.

TradeKing places value on account protection as well – up to $25 million, an impressive feature no doubt. Again, the mention of Barron’s awards comes to the forefront, but so do other distinctive reviewers, namely: SmartMoney and Kiplinger’s. The online world of stock trading shifted some seven years ago with the TradeKing platform and continues to alter the way we calculate our financial goals.

Is there a downside? Well, not entirely; it’s more of a bump really. A few minor TradeKing issues that were given attention to were the non-24 hour online chat system, an Android-less app and a banking service that wasn’t up to par with other full-service brokers.

When it’s all said and done, perhaps we need to listen to the advice our parents gave us all those years ago – Be good.

Date Reviewed: October 21, 2011, 12:22 pm
Reviewed by melissamac
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