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Good quality of information, well-researched, accurate data

needs powerful computer to run well, complex information no track record of users' success

Needs a level of personal confidence to operate effectively

TradeMiner Software for Forex, Stocks & Futures - Unbiased REVIEW

Software which you alerts you to those elusive 'goldmine' trades? Could it be magic? 

TraderMiner makes high claims. 'Above average market returns,' they say, 'with significantly lower average risk.'
And the information is now available to you, Mr or Ms Average, through a 'technological breakthrough in computing market trends.'

In years gone by, this information would only have been available through a huge investment in research, expert mathematical skills and massive computing power beyond the reach of the ordinary person. 
But now, thanks to this 'proprietary company secret', you can access the mass of information needed to accurately identify trends and market cycles. 

TradeMiner's 'data cubes' (one each available for stocks, futures and forex) include up to 40 years of historical trades. 

The software then scans for historically profitable trends and market cycles, alerting you when to get in and (crucially) when to stop.
Each 'cube' is priced at $97 (a 50% discount, apparently) and then you would need a yearly update at $69 per year. There is no internet access required and a 14 day money-back 'satisfaction guarantee'. The software runs on any system and billed as 'easy to install' (although it's hard to imagine any software company that would advertise its products as 'difficult' to install...)

So, what's the word on the street?

The nutshell summary of this system is that market information goes in, and winning trades come out. The information, by all accounts is good, accurate and well researched, and the powerful ranking system alerts you to potentially profitable trades. 

Then comes the decision making and that is entirely up to you.

You are given the information and tipped to potential profitable trades, but what you do is still your call.
Some customers will like this - and the marketing is clearly directed at 'head of household' professional people who like to take control of their destiny and work with good information, who are able to make decisive moves.

If this is you, then this product could be extremely useful.

TradeMiner was originally developed for market analysts and system signal providers - the people trying to systematically work out what is going on our there. The search for historically accurate trends, that have been profitable for a high percentage of the time over a long period of time, is over.

TradeMiner can find them.

However it is important to note that this is an analysis tool, not a system. 

You, the investor
, has to make use of the information provided however you see best.
For this reason (according to their FAQ) they cannot provide a track record of investors' success.

The ball is in your court.

So what do the users think?

Use your refund period to test!
'If you are going to try any system ensure that you fully understand how it works before running it live,' says one user. So make sure you have the time to fully familiarize yourself with the information provided.

TradeMiner is, 'among the best trading software on the market' they say.

With the proviso that, 'the software will not always be right, so you can [sic] make trades that are not the best.'
Users get quite excited on the forums: 'Everything is professional looking and smooth and after asking to ‘dig’ for 90% success trades for 2 to 7 days, it came up with Sell USD/JPY on 7th July…anyway one look at USDJPY and it was falling like a rock… I was very excited.'

However the promised 'follow up' forum post did not appear. Now this might have been because the user was too carried away with trading profitably, but how are we to know?

What seems in not doubt is that this software will help you make better decisions
Users like the variety - that you can trade in the market most appealing to you, and that you will be making trades based on proven facts.

And it is a complex package with many technical features - so not for the new initiate. The packages work most efficiently on a fast computer But if you have the confidence to use the information available and interpret the long and short term trends - a critical aspect of successful trading - then this software can help.

TradeMiner gives you access to this data, along with a range of tools to help you decide how to use it.

It won't give you your destiny, but it may just contain the tools to help you work out how to get there.
Date Reviewed: October 11, 2011, 2:59 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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