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This is a top tier product and you can't find anything negative about it. I tried for about an hour. If you're interested in certification in a computer related field, want to improve your skills or get a better salary, this is a must.

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Where to begin with This website is a class act and a unique opportunity for those new to computers as well as those looking to improve their skills or further their computer education. If you've read any of my reviews, you know I'm a straight shooter and if something smells fishy, we'll dig and dig until we figure out why exactly it stinks. I honestly can't find a single thing negative about this program and I've really looked everywhere possible.

Let's take a look at what this program promises, what it does and what it actually delivers when everything is said and done.

Basic Training

Something you can find in many products since the early 1990's is the promise of learning how to use a basic PC effectively. This includes everything from plugging things in properly to installing software, using Windows and other operating systems and similar "beginner" level tasks. If you own a TV you've probably seen ads for something called "Video Professor" that does something similar. Looking over the courses, I'm very impressed. You can learn MS Office programs in great detail, various types of Windows software, Linux and more. If you need to know about it, it's available from either alone or in a bundle. 

Moderate Level Skills

Do you know the basics but are looking for something more? Want to learn how to Photoshop your ex-wife into a supermodel? Change that boring Idaho vacation to the Bahamas? Maybe you want to learn how to create a website, make Flash video games or become a Logo designer? You can actually learn all of that through this website. The best part? You can get a legitimate, recognized certificate to prove it.

Advanced Skills

Are you already good to go with computers but maybe you're ready for that jump into programming or a high-demand tech skill? can show you exactly what you need. I'd list some things here but if you're at this level, you know exactly what you want and why you want it. 

Business Skills

Flipping through the courses I stumbled across things like "Sexual harassment in the workplace" and "Business Ethics" and my personal favorite "Dealing With Difficult People." There is a HUGE catalog of items that would be perfect for a small business to show its employees. Don't you wish that lady with the piercings who glares at you when you order a "big coffee" instead of a "Venti macchiato" took some interpersonal skills classes? If you're the boss, you can make sure people enjoy dealing with your employees. They even have various classes related to working with business people from various countries. Very impressive.


Again, I can't possibly list them all but some examples are: Certified Internet Web Professional (CIW), CISCO, Microsoft, Oracle, Linux and much more. These are vocational school level programs offered online in a convenient and relatively cheap way.


Dori Reuscher ( Guide)

The material is presented clearly, can be printed and searched, and offers numerous tips on what to expect on the exam. In fact, the course is very focused on the objectives and on enabling you to pass the exams. Overall, I would recommed that anyone interested in decent training at a decent price, sign up for the free course and evaluate for themselves.

Carole (Manager of Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co. Inc)

I was very pleased with your response to my setting up the classes for my people. I have a lot to do on my job and wear many hats, so any help and consideration I can get to do the job in an efficient and timely manner is very much appreciated, and you made that possible for me. Thank you again.

The Bottom Line

I think this product pretty much speaks for itself. It offers courses for anyone looking to improve or enhance their skills with a computer or select business-related topics. If and the Better Business Bureau say it's top notch, it simply has to be right? I'm considering a couple classes myself after this review.

Date Reviewed: February 10, 2012, 9:06 am
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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