Tranquil Moments Sleep Sound Therapy Machine
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Tranquil Moments Sound Machine From: Brookstone

Awesome performance and simple design make this a great option for sleep challenged individuals like me.

Horrible reports of the product breaking down are out there, but I have not experienced that.

Because it is invaluable to me, it rates six stars despite the poor reviews that some have written.

Can the Tranquil Moments Sound Machine Really Put You Out?

Anybody that suffers from insomnia or poor concentration can totally relate to sound machines. We all have been sitting in the doctor’s office and heard the ocean waves crashing on the shore. Few of us actually go out and buy these machines, but when we do we expect a certain level of quality. Brookstone has come out with a sound machine that is called Tranquil Moments and it has a ton of mixed reviews all over the web. Is it really the wonder product some say or is it the poorly constructed product that could have been fantastic but wasted its potential?

Good research backs it up

The sounds that come from this product are not just any old sounds. They were researched extensively by the Center of Neuroacoustic Research. Now that sounds pretty important to me, but I have only two questions—does it make me relax and does it put me to sleep? If it does those two things, then the research is just gravy. If it does not, then the research does not matter to me. There are twelve settings to choose from and it only takes one setting to do the trick for most people. Giving your product twelve shots at success makes good business sense. Think about it. There are literally hundreds of sleep programs out there and they all seem to use different sounds.


Some people put a ton of weight on how this thing might look on your bed stand, so I am including it in this review. I showed it to my wife and she said that she would allow it on our bedside table, so that has to be a good thing. It is a nice white color and it looks like a space age alarm clock really. It passes my wife’s discerning eye, so I will say it passes on this front for most anyone. My wife is certainly picky enough for all of you.


The bottom line to this machine is that it plays sounds. It plays twelve sounds. It does nothing else at all save for possibly being bright enough to be a night lite. Herein lies the complaints that you hear about the design of the product. Most of these sleep machines are also alarm clocks, wake up systems and radios. They might offer up iPod bases and various other hook ups. This machine plays noises and does it well…period.

I leave that to you as to whether it is a negative or positive. I personally like this because it shows that it focused on the intended purpose. Often, products end up not hitting the mark because they try to hit too many at once. Be really good at something, and you have a successful product possibility. The Tranquil Moments system seems to have that going for it.

Another common complaint is that the lights are too bright behind the buttons. This is a complaint that can’t be overlooked, as it is seen in virtually every review I looked over. If the buttons are shooting off too much backlight, that can be a distraction that sleep challenged people do not need. This is especially true when you consider this is the very demographic that you are trying to help with your product. This aspect was a big miss here by Brookstone.

How it works

It is rather easy, really. You reach over, pick a sound by pushing the button and then set how long you want it to go on. It has a sleep timer that will turn the machine off at up to 90 minute intervals. This is about as easy as it gets and it should never be a problem for anyone to work this machine. I love the simplicity because the last thing I want to do when I am having trouble sleeping is figure out buttons.

The bottom line

Like all other people who are sleep challenged, finding out if it works is the key. I have had insomnia my entire life. My father owns this machine. I spent a night with him several months ago and he let me borrow it to give it a shot. I have to admit that I had the best evening of sleep in years with this machine. The summer setting is incredible and helped me fall to sleep without even realizing it. While that sounds rather laid back, understand that I have tried many others that did not do the trick. That is a big deal to me and it prompted me to purchase my own model.

What are others saying?
Tranquil Moments Sleep Sound Therapy System induces me into a deeply satisfying sleep and obscures the television program going on in the next room.-- MS Lang
The sound and features on this machine perfectly matched what I was looking for. However, the unit doesn't last. My first unit broke at about 9 months and was replaced by a second unit by Brookstones under warranty. -- Jonathan Bruck
Can no one make one of these machines that will last? - Hopi

What about durability?

This is where the rubber meets the road and the Tranquil Moments runs into problems. The system has numerous complaints out there about the unit breaking down inexplicably after very short time periods. My dad has had no problems and neither have I since my purchase, but others certainly have had this problem. Given this, it really hurts the rating of the Tranquil Moments Sleep System. It makes me nervous, in fact, for my own system.

Final Analysis

The problem with the unit breaking down is a huge one and can’t be overlooked. It is a shame, however, because as a sleep system it is as good as it gets. Brookstone sleep machines are clearly effective at putting folks to sleep. I love mine and I would highly recommend it otherwise. Given the reports of problems, however, it rates out at only six stars from me.
Date Reviewed: May 14, 2012, 10:13 pm
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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