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Professional author, great credentials and feedback, good content and ongoing support.


No real cons for this product - even the cost is not high considering the 'live' support and quality of forums.


Definitely worth the money for serious travel bloggers. Why waste time making mistakes when there are professionals to guide you through.

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Visit the official site (by Dave Lee) - FULL REVIEW

Making money from your travels - there are very few ideas more tempting for those of us with itchy-feet.

According to Travel Blog Success, instead of coming home once the money runs out (and then dreaming your way through the daily grind) you can set yourself up with a laptop and a travel blog and fund your further adventures.
Author Dave Lee is the veteran in this field. He started the Go Backpacking blog in January 2007 and has since blogged his way around the world 'from the the black sand beaches of Tahiti to the Nepalese Himalaya.'

Go Backpacking is one of today's top travel blogs and you can do it too, says Dave.

With the help of his online course, you'll be able to 'attract high quality advertisers, grow a worldwide following and get invitations for free travel.'

His successes are tantalizing. He earns up to $4,000 a month, was invited on to a 6-day social media trip to Rwanda and offered media trips to Colombia, Spain and Mexico. His website receives 120,000 page views per month is syndicated on Lonely Planet.
This covers all of his expenses - from food to airfare costs.

'Now it's your turn,' he says.

Travel Blog Success is both an online course and a travel blogging community. 'All the guidance you need to create your own indie travel blog (and make money from it)' says Dave.

There are various levels of membership built on a foundation of 6 modules. Subjects include web hosting, creating content, developing traffic and making money.

All members get access to the private member forum where you can post questions, request critiques and talk privately with other members of the community.

You move through the materials at your own pace and premium members get access to expert audio interviews from successful bloggers and writers. 'Inspiring interviews filled with practical advice to help you succeed' says the blurb - justified in this case, with successful writers signed up and actively involved.

Premium members get monthly group coaching calls with Dave and special guests, plus a private Facebook Group.
A basic membership is $99 and a premium membership is $129.

'This update is coming to you from Cuenca, Ecuador,' says Dave. 'And its all possible because Ive learned how to make money travel blogging.'

And one lesson he gives away for free is to re-invest online income into your websites to help them grow faster - right now he is investing in a MacBook Air and a new custom design for (which gives you an idea of what works in this business - good equipment and design...).

It seems that Dave Lee really does practice what he preaches.

'The real star of the show is the forums,' says one customer. 'Being able to ask for advice and feedback from Dave and other experienced bloggers is incredibly valuable.'

'Dave taught me everything I needed to know in order to get my blog to the next level, from setting up subscriptions to formatting in a way to keep people on my site longer,' says another.

The Travel Blog Success package comes highly recommended.

'We have asked loads of questions in the forum and received some great advice. Recently we were lucky enough to be approached by an advertiser for the first time, we were unsure how to handle negotiations. So we posted our query.'

The lessons were incredibly helpful... it took us through the natural steps we were encountering, all with the assistance of someone who has been there and done it.'

Many travellers and bloggers agree that the market in travel blogs, and especially ones that may become profitable, is pretty overcrowded these days. 'With Travel Blog Success, though, theres the knowledge, support and the proof to backup and justify taking the time to do it right,' they say.

And if you take a look at the blogs from past students, many have chalked up great achievements since they signed up with TBS.
'Y Travel Blog is a great example,' says a customer.

The consensus is that newer bloggers will benefit the most. The only drawback mentioned is (of course) the cost. 'I will have to save up a few pennies before we join but Dave does great stuff online so Im sure this site is worth a peak as well,' was one comment.

'Only you can decide if joining TBS is the right decision,' they say. 'If you are serious about making your blog big and bad-ass, then joining could be a tax write-off anyway.'

Which is a great approach!

The blogging community is supportive of new people and aware of realities. 'Its a challenge in todays saturated travel blog market, but its always possible with hard work and standout content.'

Both of which are down to you, not Dave or any other travel blogger.

But this course will answer many of your questions, show you the pitfalls and give you access to enormous resources. 'I still learn new things when I re-read the curriculum and the forums.'

So if you want your blog to be more than a record for your friends and family, then sign up for Travel Blog Success!
Date Reviewed: January 2, 2012, 2:41 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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