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I'm amazed, this is the future of Internet marketing!

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Tribe Pro Internet Marketing On Steroids
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TribePro - Syndicated Content on Steroids!

What is Content Syndication?

If you are into internet marketing, SEO or have an online business or website that yoiu want to drive traffic to then you are probably already aware of the power and benefits of syndicating your content across many different sites.

Syndicating your content can create many backlinks and help drive traffic to your website, sales page or blog. There are many web 2.0 sites that allow you to syndicate your content to but doing this manually takes time that could be better spent elsewhere.

You can hope that other people will share your content and make your site load really slowly by adding every social sharing icon known to the web, but still only a few people bother to press them and the extra loading time they add to your pages might even drive people away!

Onlywire Syndication

Many of you probably already use or have at least heard of the Onlywire service that allows you to syndicate your content to over 50 different web 2.0 sites such as posterous, blogger, digg, twitter and facebook. Onlywire saves a lot of time but that's still only 50 links and perhaps a few retweets and likes if you're lucky!  This might be enough if you are just promoting your own personal blog or site but for internet marketers every link could be a lead and every lead could be a sale!  If you're selling something online then you need to reach a wider audience without paying out for expensive PPC campaigns.

Social Syndication?

TribePro harnesses the power of Onlywire and turbo charges it with the power of social syndication. Never heard of social syndication? Well it's simple, just imagine social networking mashed up with content syndication!

Would having a network of people who all have Onlywire accounts and can all share your content to 50+ sites at the push of a button benefit your online visibility? Look at it this way, if just 30 members share your content it could end up creating 1500 links... How much would that benefit your business?  And 30 members is nothing, these tribes are huge and many will auto-syndicate your content in return for the same.

How does it Work?

The idea is simple, you join up to TribePro and then you can follow and syndicate the content of other tribe members via the Onlywire system.  Each time you syndicate another tribe members content you earn points that allow you to post content to be syndicated by the other tribe members. They in turn earn points for syndicating your content that they can use to post more content!

So instead of your link being syndicated 50 times through Onlywire it can now get syndicated hundreds or even thousands of times in just a few days by your fellow tribe members!

Imagine every page you submit getting:
Thousands of backlinks!
Thousands of tweets!
Thousands of social bookmarks!

All created for you by your fellow tribe members....

You can even submit by RSS so the whole thing happens on autopilot!

Forget the low quality, spammy and frankly dangerous links that automated link creation software makes, these are real links by real people in your niche who are sharing your links to their networks....  Google just can't ignore these links!

TribePro has a free option which is limited but ideal for personal blogs and small sites but to get the full benefit you will need a plus or pro account... If you go ahead and sign up for the free option then you will receive an option to try the plus membership for just $10 and a 30 day money back guarantee so there really is no risk!

This video shows the power of TribePro in action... You won't believe it till you try it for yourself!

TribePro in Real Time!
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Go ahead and TRY IT FOR FREE!

Date Reviewed: May 10, 2012, 8:53 pm
Reviewed by bossbozz
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