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Many of the tips are practical and easy to do. The eCourse emphasizes eating natural, wholesome foods.


His theories regarding the metabolism aren't scientifically accurate. There's nothing groundbreaking about these tips--these are tips you'll find on any bodybuilding website.


Although some of the advice may be questionable, most of the eCourse's recommendations are easy, practical, and can help you get rock solid abs.

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Truth About Abs from Mike Geary
Truth About Abs Review
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Mike Geary's "Truth About Abs" E-Course REVIEW

The creator of Truth About Abs, Mike Geary, says it isn't.  In fact, it's a waste of time; it should actually be your last priority.

His controversial new eCourse is now a major seller online, and now more and more people are using Geary's methods to get rock hard abs.

So what is this book all about, and is it worth the hype?

What is Truth About Abs?

After being bombarded with questions about how to get abs--from his present clients--personal trainer Mike Geary decided it was time to let everyone know the truth about getting abs, hence the name Truth About Abs.  He created the eCourse as a way to inform the general public about what really creates that six pack physique--and what doesn't.

So what's the secret to the six pack physique?  Geary explains:
  • Ultimately, your body fat determines whether or not you'll see your six pack.  For men, you need to be around 10% body fat; for women, you need to reach 16%.
  • Your diet is more important than any ab exercise.  To see your abs, you need to lose body fat--and you can't lose it without eating the right foods or calories.
  • Eating low glycemic index foods, or low GI foods, are important for getting lean.  These are foods that don't spike a person's blood sugar, which Geary says prevents sudden blood sugar spikes--which can then cause cravings, causing people to gain more fat.
  • If possible, get your carbs from vegetables and fruits instead of grains.  Grains are more calorie dense, making it harder to drop body fat.
  • Eat frequently, preferably every 3 hours.  Geary argues that eating small, frequent meals keeps the metabolism high because you expend calories by simply eating these meals.  It's also important to never skip breakfast, otherwise your metabolism may slow down.
  • While eating right is important, don't forget exercise.  He recommends traditional exercises such as ab bicycles, bench crunches, and lying leg thrusts, as well as front squats--an exercise he says also works your core.

Essentially, Truth About Abs is just another typical bodybuilding diet, which emphasizes eating natural, low-GI foods every 3 hours to keep the metabolism going.  The entire premise of his book is to increase your metabolism as much as possible, which increases the rate of fat loss.  By losing more fat, you reduce your overall body fat, which puts you one step closer to making those elusive six pack abs pop out.

Issues with Truth About Abs

There's a lot about this eBook that's pretty on-the-spot--most diet or fitness experts would probably agree with Geary's recommendations.  However, there are a few issues with his recommendations that may not necessarily be scientifically true.

For instance, Geary says that eating frequently keeps the metabolism high since you expend calories simply by eating these meals.  However, this is a misunderstanding of how the metabolism works.  Although calories are expended while eating a meal, your calorie burn is actually dependent on how many calories you eat--not how many meals you eat.  So if you ate one meal containing 2,000 calories, you'd expend 200 calories, for example.  If you split it up into five meals, you would expend fewer calories during each meal, but at the end of the day, if you still ate 2,000 calories, your calorie burn would still be the same (200 calories).  This is also backed up by science--several studies have shown eating frequently has little, if any, impact on the metabolism.

Another issue is his belief that skipping breakfast slows down the metabolism, which also isn't backed up by science.  Although correlational studies show that heavier people skip breakfast, this doesn't mean their metabolism slowed down.  Instead, these studies showed that people who skip breakfast generally make poorer food choices throughout the day.  One additional study also shows that the metabolism doesn't slow down until 60 hours into a fast--that's over two days--so simply skipping breakfast isn't likely to crash your metabolism.

Other than these issues, Truth About Abs is a solid book, packed with practical, helpful information that can help you see those elusive abs.  You don't have to follow his eating frequency recommendations perfectly, however---if you'd rather eat 3 meals a day instead of 5 or 6, you won't compromise your metabolism.
Date Reviewed: February 7, 2012, 3:20 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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