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Free online examples of methods available. System has fans and advocates in the industry.


Expensive. Poor quality video.


Efficacy depends on your needs. Check out thoroughly and make sure you undertake basic strength training as well

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"Truth About Quickness 2.0" by Alex Maroko - FULL REVIEW

Have you always wanted to be quicker?
We're not just talking about running times, here. Muscle response and quickness is the key to multiple sports - basketball, boxing, swimming, skiing - you name it.
Alex Maroko claims to have discovered The Truth About Quickness.
It's not genetically determined, says Alex. You don't have to settle for what you're born with.
This system claims to be able to help you become the quickest player on your team.
'Develop scholarship-level speed and quickness in a matter of minutes,' says Alex.
Lead me to it!
Superficially, it does seem that some athletes are born with speed and quickness. However Alex Maroko claims that he has access to a “speed and quickness formula” that will show you how to transform from slow or average speed right up to the top, and in only a few minutes a day.
No hype, he says, these are, 'real-world solutions based on cutting edge strategies.' 
It has long been known in track and field sports that athletes could increase their speed through specific training methods: back squats, deadlifts and “straight-ahead” sprints.
And naturally, coaches wanted to extend these methods into other sports. 
But of course there's a big difference between the type of speed and quickness needed by a sprinter and a team-sport player. Track and field sprinting is all straight line or linear speed. Whereas in basketball, football and baseball you need non-linear speed in order to execute changes of direction, body swerves and dummies.
But it's not, according to Mr Maroko, just about working on multi-directional drills.
His drills are different, he says. But you have to sign up to find out exactly how... 'I felt more lighter on my feet, more fluid. I started moving around with “stealth ninja” type coordination,' says Alex - after developing his new drills.
He carried on experimenting for 5 years and signed up his training mentor and performance coach Kelly Baggett.
Together, they, 'stumbled upon an electrifying system.'
Using breakthrough methods they have produced, 'frighteningly consistent results.'
These methods are “movement efficiency training” and “muscular/tendon stiffness training.” TAQ2 requires, 'only 9 minutes a day to produce results.' By training the small muscles it 'teaches' your tendons to be more reactive and powerful and trains your Central Nervous System to fire more quickly.'
The product has evolved into a 48-week progressive workout program and the price is $77.
So what is the word in the gym about this product?
Well, lots of people are talking about it and some love it. 'The TAQ system is great. My feet feel significantly lighter when I play sports, like they're just not as stuck to the ground.'
And users found the program is easy to understand and simple to follow and found the information regarding training your feet, 'top-notch.'
Just don't expect HD quality video.
Others are not so sure.
'I have read most of this book... but if you are a sprinter I don't think a lot of it is easy to translate.'
So it does depend on which sport you're involved with.
Alex Maroko himself warns that this is not a system for the lazy or unmotivated.
And many athletes adhere to the simple formula: 'To get faster, you need to get stronger' whereas others say it is, 'a great speed training program.'
Both Kelly and Alex have fans within the business. 'I’d encourage you to check out The Truth About Quickness, if you haven’t already,' says one.
Some of the TAQ exercises are available free online so check them out first to see if you think this system might be helpful to you. 
Be quick! Like a ninja!
Date Reviewed: December 9, 2011, 11:11 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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