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Installiation is easy and fast; using this program is pretty straightforward and simple.


TuneUpMedic did not always locate real computer problems that other programs consistently reported.


Use TuneUpMedic for its scanning feature, and then compare it to the results from other optimization or malware programs.

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TuneUp Medic from Gold Goose Media, LLC
TuneUpMedic Review
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REVIEW of TuneUpMedic ( PC Scanner / Error Fix Software

It's something every computer user wants: a faster (and safer) computer.  Anti-malware programs, registry cleaners, and computer upgrades solve most of this problem; however, if your computer is old, installing more programs only slows it down more, making it harder to use your computer.

The solution, according to one company, lies in the hands of a PC optimizer.  It even alleges that slow computer usability may be a sign of something much worse--compromised computer security.

"...[R]egistry errors, junk files, malware, broken shortcuts and other problems [that] prevent your computer from operating at peak performance," says Gold Goose Media, LLC. "These PC problems and issues lead to Windows crashes and compromise the security of your data."

And therein lies the solution to this problem: A software program called TuneUpMedic, which was created to treat the errors, malware, and other unsafe data that can slow down a computer and compromise its security.

What is TuneUpMedic?

TuneUpMedic is a type of software called a PC optimizer, a program designed to optimize a computer's function by fixing the problems that can slow it down.  Many things, such as registry errors and malware, can interfere with the computer's ability to operate optimally; TuneUpMedic alleges it can fix these problems.

Unfortunately, physical copies of TuneUpMedic do not exist, so if you want to purchase this from a store, you're out of luck.  You can only download it online--thankfully, you can do this for free, and even scan for irregularities for free.  You only need to pay for its license fee ($39.95 for one year) if you "use its built in registry cleaning capability," according to its website.

Downloading, installing, and using this program is fairly easy.  You can download the product immediately from the website, which takes up to a minute, at the most, to download.  Installation is simple too, and after installation you can start the program immediately, without having to restart or do any additional steps.

For those worried about the complexity of this program, don't be--the program is very easy to use, and all functions are clearly marked with large, easy-to-read buttons.  The main button, and probably the only button to worry about here, is the scan button, which automatically scans your computer for problems.  If it does locate any problems, which it will, then it will urge you to fix these problems.  There are also additional buttons for automatic optimization of your computer's performance, fixing broken shortcuts, and freeing up disk space to improve functionality and speed. 

Problems with TuneUpMedic

Although TuneUpMedic was easy to install and use, it failed to locate legitimate computer problems.  In turn, it also located an alarmingly large amount of errors that were otherwise not found by other optimization or malware software, which raised suspicions of its accuracy immediately.

For instance, there were several types of spyware that were readily recognized by other malware programs prior to installation of TuneUpMedic.  However, when running this program, it was unable to recognize these problems--and instead listed many other malware problems that were not previously identified by other programs, such as Spyware Search & Destroy and Norton Anti-Virus.  If TuneUpMedic was a reliable program, it should have been able to identify these problems, but unfortunately, it did not.  

This alone is a cause for concern; optimization programs won't do any good if it can't recognize common problems such as this.  I won't go as far as saying this product is a scam, however--I declined having it fix any of these problems, instead opting to leave these problems be.  Despite warning that my computer was vulnerable, other PC programs have not indicated this to be true.


As a PC optimization program, TuneUpMedic has many faults that I did not like.  Its accuracy is a huge concern here--although other programs identified common errors with my computer, it was unable to do so; it also recognized other errors these programs did not find.  Also, if you want to fix some of these problems, prepare to pay up--they may demand you pay their licensing fee of $39.95, which is actually a subscription fee, since it lasts for only up to a year of use.  Want to use it longer?  Then you'll have to pay this fee again once the year is up.

Overall, I wasn't pleased by TuneUpMedic, but it wasn't bad enough for me to recommend avoiding this product.  I'd say use it to scan for potential problems, but compare the results against other optimization and malware programs such as PC Pandora to see if the problems are consistently reported.  If they are, then they're probably real; if not, they're probably not.
Date Reviewed: March 24, 2012, 3:48 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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But as you saw in my review, I don't recommend it.
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