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Easy and simple to download and install. Instant improvements to PC performance.


No independent reviews of the product make it difficult to assess. Not listed on the independent analytics engine CBEngine so no refund rate. Variation in pricing makes product seem shaky.


Not recommended because no feedback from users over safety and efficiency.

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Turbo Your PC clean up software from
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"Turbo Your PC" (of - FULL REVIEW

How long have you had your PC? The chances are that the longer you've had it, the more out of data data, half-installed software and unwanted programs are lurking in the background.

And the chances are also that this clutter is slowing down the performance of your PC. Have you noticed that it is running more slowly, for example? Or that it hangs up just as you're about to save that document you've been working on all morning? Or (the worst), that your PC has become unstable, resulting in the dreaded BSOD (blue screen of death).

Well just like your body or your car, your PC requires maintenance. It is recommended by experts that using PC tune up utilities should be part of your overall maintenance program - so just as you get your car (and hopefully your body!) serviced, washed and vacuumed; you should schedule a regular clean up of your PC.

PC tune utilities can also improve the performance of your PC without the need to upgrade hardware, and make your PC more secure by dealing with malware and viruses.

But which utility? Which ones can be relied upon to solve problems not create them; to really clean up your PC rather than throw a spanner in the works?

Turbo Your PC say they can turn your slow, unreliable computer into a 'super-charged monster.'

The downloadable software will locate and eliminate the errors caused by invalid files. They claim that their software has been downloaded over 100,000 times, to 'unleash hidden PC performance without expensive upgrades.'

Features include: free PC diagnostic scan; defragmentation software to optimize your registry and increase speed; location and removal of large files and programs that are 'hogging' your PCs CPU (central processing unit); and optimization of internet browsing speed.

Using a simple setup wizard the software can been installed in 'no time' and is '100% compatible, safe and secure.'

The software works using a 'high performance algorithm' to scan the database on your PC (the Registry). It then identifies and clears out unncessary files so that programs have faster access to the data they need to perform.†

The software's most powerful feature is to remove any 'broken' registry keys that are causing errors - and this is the main feature that will speed up PC performance.†

So, the crucial questions - does Turbo Your PC work and is it safe to run on your computer?

Well, naturally there are some positive endorsements on the product website.

'The first time I used Turbo Your PC I could not believe how much faster my PC was. Itís so easy to use and makes a huge difference to performance,' said one.

However I wish I could report that there were similar independent reports - there aren't (and given that Turbo Your PC claim 100,000 downloads, this is surprising).

There are a number of website reviews, but they all pretty much rehash the original material, rather than adding anything new and genuine.

The free scan will undoubtedly reveal registry errors - as per one website review: 'I did the free scan to speed up my laptop performance, and the software found over 369 errors mainly in the registry. I then purchased the activation code, clicked the repair issues button it took a few minutes to complete the system fix.'

This report rings alarm bells for me, because any computer expert will tell you that you should create a restore point in Windows before cleaning the registry on your computer. This means that if there are any problems you can return to this point. You should also create a back up of your data.

There are also some differences in pricing, depending on where you look. One website said the cost was only $9.95; whereas another review said they paid £45.54 (GPB Sterling).

So the lack of independent reviews and comments on this software makes me wary of recommending it.†

You may need a PC tune up but you don't want to end up with a wrecker!
Date Reviewed: March 9, 2012, 1:16 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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