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It looks just like the original NES controller.


This controller has multiple accuracy and quality issues, which can affect gameplay.


Consider opting for a XBox controller instead.

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USB NES PC Controller Review from Gtron
USB NES PC Controller Review
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Reviewed: Classic Super-Nintendo (NES) USB Controller for PC

When it comes to knock offs of classic games--or in this case, classic game controllers--I'm always a bit skeptical of its quality.  The same holds true today with the NES USB Controller for PC, which, as you've probably guessed already, is a Nintendo controller you can plug into your PC via USB port.  From a legal standpoint, I'm shocked that Gtron, the company behind this controller, ever managed to make it legally possible to replicate the original controller in the first place, as it is essentially a direct copy of the original NES controller.  Nevertheless, years of uninterrupted selling and reviews from numerous gaming websites suggest it probably is legal, since Nintendo must have gotten a whiff of its existence by this point.

So will this controller really work like the original (as advertised), or is this some cheap knockoff that would make a better door mat?  I won't reveal the entirety of this review just yet, but let's just say I wasn't too happy with this imitation.

Now to the review.

  • Looks exactly like a NES controller
  • Buttons are fairly easy to reach and push
  • Connects to both Mac and PC computers

  • Breaks easily; buttons can't deal with constant use
  • Doesn't have the same "feel" as an authentic NES controller
  • Buttons have a tendency to stick


From a design standpoint, this controller almost looks like the real thing.  The colors have been matched to look exactly like an authentic NES controller, and the buttons have that faded-out, 80s-esque design that will ring true to most die hard Nintendo players.  Unlike the real deal, however, there is no Nintendo logo on the front--this is for legality issues--and the controller is noticeably lighter, and appears to be made from cheap plastic.  It doesn't seem to be sturdily-made; this could be an issue, as it could break or malfunction with continued use.  


Overall, the NES USB Controller for PC operates the same as the original, with all of the buttons placed in its appropriate areas.  Though the buttons tend to stick at first, they loosen after a few plays, and your fingers can easily adapt to its bumps and grooves.  However, heavy gameplay is discouraged--these buttons have been reported to malfunction or break after a week or so of use.  Press the buttons lightly and take care not to deliberately mistreat it; this controller can't deal with the normal wear and tear of gameplay.


To use the NES controller, you'll need to install the appropriate device driver prior to gameplay--which, if you're using a PC, is automatic.  Simply plug in the controller into the USB plugin and the driver should download immediately.  From there, all you need to do is open up your preferred NES emulator and configure the buttons in the "Input" screen.  This, as far as setup goes, is as easy as it gets.

When the controller was operated in game, however, it was reported to be inaccurate, not registering in the game unless the buttons were pressed just right.  This too can be credited to its design; it's not assembled exactly like a NES controller.  While this may not be a hindrance to some players, this can make it difficult to play games that require more precision, such as the later levels of the original Super Mario Brothers or Legend of Zelda.  If you're playing an RPG, it won't matter as much.

Customer Reviews

Although the NES USB Controller for PC has received mostly favorable reviews, most of them note that the poor quality design, problems with button "stickiness," and sudden controller breakage make this less than an ideal product.  "The directional pad does indeed stick, decreasing accuracy," says one customer. "This is the most pronounced when trying to move in any of the diagonal directions."

"Worked great for like a week then it just stopped working altogether," says another customer. "If you're looking for a weeks worth of retro gaming then this is your controller."


When it comes to "looking" like the original product, NES USB Controller for PC is hard to beat, and looks just the real thing.  When it comes to operability, however, it falters due to many issues, namely issues with button registration, accuracy, and worse of all, sudden breakage.  As a PC controller, this controller just isn't good.  Consider investing in a XBox controller instead.
Date Reviewed: April 3, 2012, 10:31 am
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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