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No separate mouse, can type and use mouse at the same time, good for people who don't like laptop pads.


No independent reviews available. Some issues over functionality for finger mice in general.


Good idea and some people will love it. But wait until quality of this particular product is verified by users.

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USB Optical Finger Mouse from Unlimited Quality Com
USB Optical Finger Mouse Review
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USB Optical Finger Mouse - Here's my Review...

Once upon a time people who wanted to use computers had to type cryptic commands.

Then came mice (or mouses) of various types, a fantastic and intuitive idea that everyone, immediately grasped. They evolved into digital and wireless varieties and then the next stage were laptop pads and touch-screens such as those on tablets and smart phones.

What next? I hear you say. Well here it is, the Finger Mouse.

More specifically the USB Optical Finger Mouse by Unlimited Quantity Com.

This mouse (as suggested by the name...) is used by strapping the gadget on to your finger with a velcro strap, pointing the laser downward, and using your thumb to press the buttons and/or scroll a wheel. When you move your finger, the cursor moves with you.†

The big initial advantage is that your mouse is with you even when you are typing - no reaching backwards and forwards to a conventional mouse; and you can use both mouse and keyboard simultaneously.

It operates with Plug-and-Play installation, can be used on any surface (so no mouse pad required) and the manufacturers claim that the ergonomic design can significantly reduce fatigue. The velcro strap can be adjusted to fit your finger size.

'Fastest in the world,' say Unlimited Quantity, 'best buy for professional designers, and game fans.'

The finger mouse is attached to your computer via a USB, but the gadget will also work with a PS/2 with an adaptor (not included).

The manufacturers claim to have improved on earlier versions of the finger mouse with technology enabling the mouse to operate precisely and to prevent 'faulty movement'.

'Super light-weight,' they say, 'great for using it at home, at office. Especially great for mobile travellers.'

It costs $8.95 and includes left key, right key and scroll button.

As with all gadgets, the proof is with the users. I searched long and hard for reviews of this product but couldn't find any - although there were plenty of reviews of similar finger mice (mouses?) and they all agree that this type of screen interaction takes a while to get used to.

'It was a strange thing to get used to at first,' said one reviewer. 'I bought this as a gift for my father who travels often but dislikes his laptop mouse pad... But I think the idea is great.'

'Itís actually pretty comfortable,' said another. 'Move around your finger, and the cursor moves with you. The buttons are placed at a perfect distance so that your thumb can easily reach them without having to stretch and reach. It actually feels pretty natural.'

However others are not so sure.

'It takes time, skill, and coordination to use this device, but I guess it will be better once you get used to using it,' said one finger mouse customer.

Plus: 'Typing with the mouse on the pointer finger is also slightly challenging. For its size, the finger mouse is actually very light but weighs enough that it makes using the pointer finger it's attached to feel clumsy; it takes some getting used to.'

Which doesn't mean that the product has no value - of course not, it's about change, which people don't always take too well. Remember when you first used a laptop mousepad, for example?

And some people liked the fact that the optical sensor in these mice works on quite a few surfaces, 'this is probably the strongest feature of the mouse,' said one reviewer.†

But it definitely doesn't work for everyone. 'I thought this would be the perfect thing for me,' said one customer. 'It soon turned out to be useless. My fingers are small but long and I could not get it to fit securely so it just rolled from side to side on my finger.'

Other reviewers give suggestions on how to get the positioning on your finger right - clearly key to functionality.†

'Other than that, it's quite 'fun' and because you can use it on most surfaces it's versatile,' said a user.

And once you're over the 'hump' then people generally seem to like this way of using a mouse.

'This is a great product, easy to use, it works on most surfaces. On some jobs I found it to be better than my†than my tablet for video editing.'

But all warn that the finger mouse does take time to get used to and some say that they had trouble getting them to work on some surfaces (eg glass).

'You may need to change the mouse speed,' said one.

At the moment, these products appear to have mainly novelty value and not many people are using them for serious work. But they do have potential.†

I would have liked to see reviews of this particular product - hence the lower rating - but they should appear in time. There's no way of judging whether any of the issues have been ironed out with this product.†

But get used to the idea, because you're bound to see people around you using it soon.
Date Reviewed: March 28, 2012, 12:38 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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