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Ukritic is free and remarkably easy to use. If it succeeds, it MIGHT earn a good reputation as a place to go for serious product reviews. Affiliates are allowed to post affiliate links.


Affiliates are not allowed to link back to their own site.


Ukritic is a useful, free place for affiliate marketers to get a feel for affiliate marketing. It's probably best for beginners, but no doubt some experienced affiliates will figure out a way to use successfully, too.

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Ukritic from Chris Rempel and Matt Chitty
Ukritic Review
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Ukritic Review

Ukritic is a new, free place where affiliate marketers can post product reviews containing affiliate links.

It's a bit like Squidoo or HubPages. However, Ukritic is purpose-built for affiliate marketers and every post will be moderated - no junk allowed.

Ukritic's co-founders, affiliate marketing veterans Chris Rempel and Matt Chitty, say Ukritic provides a good starting place for beginner affiliates, a place where they can review products and test different markets before building a website of their own.

Beware: Your product reviews on Ukritic will need to be honest and useful, because other Kritters can add their comments and ratings to your review.

A powerful message you get at Ukritic is that Chris and Matt want it to contain QUALITY reviews. Definitely no junk or "spun" content allowed.

Any review you post (a "Krit") must be completely unique, created by YOU from scratch and published first on Ukritic. As veteran affiliate marketers, Chris and Matt are experienced at sniffing out duplicate content or "spun" articles. So don't try that stuff.

Don't try any SEO tricks, either.

"Every single external link from goes through our own masking and internal redirection system (ie. '' will become '')," they say. "This means that it is impossible to gain any SEO benefit whatsoever from creating a user profile on Ukritic, or from your reviews, including research sources."

I'm not keen on that aspect. I'd like to be able to provide a link back to my own website. Even if the link didn't have any SEO benefit, it would make it easy for Ukritic visitors to click and visit my site, (See, I'm a marketer. I WANT to be able to promote my site, in a relevant context of course!)

You CANNOT use Ukritic for "...any type of external SEO-related purpose, i.e. trying to link from a Ukritic page to your site or a client's site."

You CANNOT use Ukritic for "...blackhat or spammy SEO tactics (as deemed by us, such as creating user profiles on different sites to gain backlinks) to promote your own Krits, or any page of Ukritic..."

If you ignore the rules, your site will be "nuked".

One thing about Ukritic puzzles me. They say you're not allowed to open more than one account. However, they allow members to post reviews under a nickname. (I spotted one.) Perhaps I'm missing something, but surely it wouldn't be difficult to use an anonymous proxy tool to create multiple accounts? I think it would be better if users had to use their real names on all posts.

It's early days. I wouldn't be surprised if improvements are made as the site grows.

Judging by the early response, Ukritic could prove popular. Launched on March 22, 2012, it soon contained hundreds of product reviews.

Here's some excellent advice from the Ukritic rules. It applies to all affiliate marketing, not just to reviews on Ukritic...

"'s a little secret: The people who really make the 'big bucks' with Ukritic focus on two things - reviewing products that are actively researched by thousands of potential buyers, and then impressing them with an awesome, in-depth review and a solid argument for buying it - or not."

By the way, Ukritic does not have an affiliate program, so the link below is NOT an affiliate link.  :)

Should you use Ukritic?

Maybe. If you've found Squidoo useful, you'll probably find Ukritic useful. I prefer to post product reviews on my own site and build its reputation, rather than someone else's. If you're totally broke, you'll appreciate the fact that Ukritic is free and remarkably easy to use.

Also, because Ukritic is brand new and lots of people will be examining it closely, right now could be a very good time to post carefully researched, persuasive reviews on it.

As Chris and Matta obviously appreciate, Ukritic's success or failure will largely depend on how successful they are at encouraging affiliates to write genuinely USEFUL reviews.

Ukritic is having a writing contest from May 1 to May 15, 2012. The contributor with the best product review wins $1,000.

What do think of THIS review? I've love to see your comments.
Date Reviewed: April 19, 2012, 7:35 pm
Reviewed by Allan Gardyne
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Lisawrite I love Ukritic! Love writing, reading and sharing the reviews of others. I cannot wait to see the database continue to grow because this will be my first stop if I want to review a product before buying. lisawrite Rating
Wed, May 02, 2012 9:25PM • By: lisawriterssreport user
EsTeh Allan, thanks to your review I signed up for Ukritic and eventually won the Contest! :)))
Thank you! :))
EsTeh Rating
Wed, May 23, 2012 3:40PM • By: EsTehrssreport user
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