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Idea with great potential. Two expanding markets (online teaching and ESL). Guides appear comprehensive and informative.


No independent reviews of the material. To get good work teaching ESL you need to be qualified.


Worth investigating for people with ESL certification who are comfortable with online technology and are keen to branch into online teaching.

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The "Ultimate Teaching Position" (by Mike Ruffino) - REVIEW

What are the qualities of your dream job?
How about if you could work from anywhere, just with your laptop computer and an internet connection, for good money doing rewarding work?
It DOES sound like a dream, doesn't it?
Ultimate Teaching Position by Michael Ruffino promises all this and more.
'Land the teaching job of a lifetime in the toughest economy in years... without ever setting foot in a classroom,' he says.
Total freedom and mobility, with a wage of up to $30-$60 per hour.
The website is aimed at newly qualified teachers, teachers who are unhappy or insecure in their current position, students and existing ESL teachers - for that's what this magic job is... teaching English as a Second Language online to rich customers abroad.
Mike Ruffino understands that these are tough times for teachers. Many have been laid off or unable to find a job; many have made application after application with no success. There are thousands of excellent teachers out there unable to find secure, rewarding work in their home state or province.
And not much sign that the situation will change for the better.
Of course you could go back to school and study for a Masters Degree, but that means when you DO enter the job market you'll be saddled with debts.
So the idea of teaching work which lets you set your own schedule, where it's impossible to be laid off and even allows you to pick and choose your students, has got to be attractive.
'Some of the wealthiest customers on the planet actively want to learn online,' says Mike. And this makes sense, because which foreign businessman has time to go to class? And they want their learning tailored to their specific needs; perfect for online one-to-ones.
'If you have a laptop and an Internet connection, you can do this job,' says Mike.
No need to speak any other languages, because ESL teaching is a 'total immersion' subject where you only ever speak English.
Mike has a number of strategies for setting yourself up as this roving, online English teacher, all of which are explained in his 4 manuals. Basically you can work for an agency or you can recruit your own clients. Mike claims that he has identified the places where foreign businesspeople are already looking for teachers.
Plus a host of other information such as which countries to target, scheduling, educational resources, equipment, how to get jobs and online teaching advice. 
It's a roadmap, an 'instant blueprint for a recession proof job' for a 'limited time offer' of $47.
Now it is true that online teaching has exploded over the last few years and that teaching English online is a great opportunity if you have the skills and can find the clients. But it is also true that in order to get the good (wealthy) clients and top pay rates you need to be certified and qualified in teaching ESL.
If you are, then Ultimate Teaching Position may well be a useful investment.
Mr Ruffino does not make this clear in his marketing material, although he mentions that since he got his ESL certificate he has, 'travelled over half the world.'
So just to be clear, it is possible to teach ESL without certification but you're unlikely to get lots of work or be paid the top rates.
I could not find any independent reviews of the content of Ultimate Teaching Position, all the links which come up either loop directly back to Mr Ruffino's website or quote the same text.
There are endorsements on his website, for example:
'This was a great read and I really recommend The The Ultimate Teaching Position for anyone who wants to travel and or teach English at the same time!'
And the dream he is selling is real. It is possible to, 'step into the 21st century and teach from anywhere in the World.'
The demand for English language teaching is endless and so are teaching opportunities online. 
Matching them up is not so easy - and Mike Ruffino's Ultimate Teaching Position may just be what you need.
Date Reviewed: December 14, 2011, 7:34 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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