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Concise information on variety of money saving tips all in one place.


Problems with downloads, and opening files. Information basic rather than 'exclusive'


Only worth buying if you want basic information quickly

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Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide Review
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REVIEW: "The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide" by Beth Haworth

It's a dream vacation.
Disney World with all the family. You want to make the most of it - to try out all the dream rides, meet the characters, eat in the restaurants and immerse yourself in the whole experience. 
Sounds extravagant doesn't it. And expensive.
Who wants to worry about money on the holiday of a lifetime?
It doesn't have to be like that, says Beth Haworth, former Disney cast member and author of the Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide, a downloadable eBook.
To illustrate the kind of savings she can help with, she gives the example of two families, with two children from the same neighborhood. They take the same flight to Disney World and stay at the same 5-Star Disney World resort. They go to the same shows and events, eat in the same restaurants. One spent $5,500 for their vacation and the other $2,700.
That's a big difference.
Beth's guide gives you all the 'tips, tricks and savings.'
As a Disney cast member she says she watched hundreds of families 'throwing their money away' because they didn't know any better. 
She can help you make a Disney Vacation, 'affordable and magical.'
All the tips she recommends she has also used herself, as a Mom with three kids going on Disney vacations. 
Her website lists various ways that you can save money. For example, where to buy your advance tickets; the money-saving tip that 'may' make you enough money to pay for all your meals in the park; savings on hotels (and she promises these are not just off-season rates); ticket upgrades; getting the 'best seats in the house'; bidding on E-Bay bargains, what to look for in airline flights, and how the 'Magical Express' shuttle and baggage service works. 
'Every tip, every suggestion, every strategy is real,' she says. 'I've done it all at first hand.'
And according to Beth, you'd have to spent weeks on your own to find all the information contained in The Ultimate Disney Vacation Guide. 
These are 'exclusive tips' to 'little known resort discounts,' says Beth, and her website includes many positive endorsements. 
'I downloaded your book yesterday and was up until midnight reading it,' said one customer, who admitted to being skeptical about ordering an eBook. 'This very much met my expectations,' she added.
Another was impressed with the worksheets. 'Everything was very well organized and professional.'
The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide is over 100 pages long and includes unlimited access to the web for updates. It costs $29.95.
So lets see what independent customers thought of Beth's guide and her service.
'I bought the book,' said one. 'I don't think it's worth it. There's as much, if not more, information on forums and discussion boards.'
These comments come from a very knowledgeable community of Disney fans and customers on the web, all willing to give their opinion.
'The book gives answers to lots of basic questions about ins/outs and secrets of saving money - all in one concise book,' said one. 'So I guess it depends if you just want to read a book and have some quickie answers, or figure it all out on your own.'
'I bought it when I was a Disney Virgin,' said one. 'But have learned so much more since.'
'Basically it says the best way to save money is go at Value Season, stay at a Value Resort, bring your own food etc...' said another.
So it would seem that the information in this eBook will help you save money, but you have to spend to save! However there are some other drawbacks.
'I purchased this ebook and though they took my money, I never received the download.  I'm not too thrilled with them at the moment.'
And another got their download but couldn't open it. 'I bought the ebook as well but it wont open after I downloaded it.'
One person said that the eBook was a good read, 'if you want to get excited about your Disney World vacation.'
And another said it is only worth buying if you are going for a longer stay.
But unfortunately, the overall consensus amongst customers was this this product was 'not worth the money.'
Date Reviewed: January 3, 2012, 6:45 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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