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Structured progressive program. Highly organized to make best use of your time in the gym. Some big fans.


Nothing unique or unknown about the training.


Perfect if you need structure. Check out Eric's blog to see if you respond to his style.

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REVIEW: "Ultimate MMA" Program by Eric Wong - Here's what real customers are saying...

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting is, as Eric Wong, says 'complex and demanding.'

You need power, strength, speed and instant reactions.

And to get this you need (obviously...) to train hard.

But what if your training program isn't addressing the right areas? Or (worse) you are gunning it at the gym but then find you don't have the endurance necessary for the ultimate test - when you're out there in the ring (or Octagon, for UFC Professionals) fighting.

Eric Wong is a trainer specializing in MMA. His Ultimate MMA Strength package is a strength and conditioning program which can, according to Eric, give you 'total confidence' in your conditioning in just 2 days per week.

'Get endless cardio and explosive knockout power while training less than you are now,' he says.

Eric has a degree in kinesiology and so professes to understand the science behind exercise science, plus he works 'in the trenches' training fighters every day.

The program is not based on 'magic' supplements or hardcore tools, but '3 simple principles.'

These principles are:†

1. Periodization, which is defined as 'doing the right things in the right order to achieve your goals.' Essentially this means planning and progressing, for, as Eric (and many others) say, 'if you fail to plan then you plan to fail.'

2. A series of 'sneaky' exercises. According to the Ultimate Strength MMA program your training should not try to mimic your martial arts skills through exercises such as punching with bands. In fact this kind of training can be detrimental because it creates arm tension, you are pushing not punching and you limit your range of motion.

3. Using the least effort to get the desired result. This is not about being lazy but organizing your program in an 'intelligent but structured way.'

According to Eric, your strength and conditioning program should strengthen both the muscles and the nervous system; it should address all three energy systems and the 6 major movement patterns of MMA; and it should focus on the core, 'where you develop the ability to knock your opponent out with one punch.'

Ultimate Strength MMA program, 'incorporates all these complexities.'

The program is MMA specific, based on science, easy to use and uses standard equipment found in any gym. The package includes detailed, step-by-step templates which include pictures, descriptions and video links to every exercise.

Based on full body workouts, the program aims to get your muscles and nervous system used to using the full body; because that's what you have to do once you're in the Octagon. 'All of a sudden,' says Eric, '[Fighters] have to use every muscle in their body from their toes to their jaw...and itís just too overwhelming for the system.'

Sound familiar? For $57 Eric Wong can help you 'dramatically progress.'

He says he is already transforming the fitness levels of UFC professionals with a superior level of conditioning. And his principles are already proven, evidenced by such fighters as Ray 'the hit man' Penny.

Don't wing it! Says Eric. You need an exact plan.

He claims that his program has already worked for hundreds and uses endorsements on his website to prove it:

'My grappling has improved loads,' said one.

'The training templates save a lot of time,' said another.

But we need to see what the wider community has to say and on the forums opinions diverge wildly.

For example, he has some huge fans:

'There is only one conditioning God,' said one forum user, 'and Wong is his prophet.'

'Eric Wong changed my life,' said another.

However not everyone agrees:

'My experience is that he doesn't offer anything that you can't easily find online,' was one comment.

And another noted that, 'His Strength and Power workouts had 15 and 10 rep squats and deadlifts. Then his Endurance workouts had 15 and 10 rep squats and deadlifts, followed by pushups or pullups. Hmmm, how are those really that different?'

'It doesn't seem like anything special,' added another forum user.

And in this world it seems that loyalties are fierce and if you 'follow' one trainer than you have to dis the others...

Which means the ultimately, you have to judge for yourself whether this program is for you.

If you respond well to a high level of structure then Ultimate MMA could be for you. As one forum commentator noted, 'If anything the book is a little overly scientific at times.'

And you can get a good idea of the approach and Eric's style by checking out his blog, which has free tips and advice.

What is certain that this is not a quick fix for the lazy or anyone afraid of hard work...

...but then neither is Mixed Martial Arts!

Be strong; be prepared. Find out what works for you.†
Date Reviewed: March 19, 2012, 12:01 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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