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Step to step instructions to set up Apps. Maximizes the capabilities of your phone.


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For the tech-savvy, Unseen Apps may not be necessary. But for the rest of us it might just open up a whole new world of capability.

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Unseen Apps ( REVIEW

'Take your iPhone to the next level,' say Unseen Apps.
Unseen Apps is a download ($19.99 or $14.99 depending on where you look) which gives you access to more than 50 apps - more accurately it gives you access to capabilities which already exist in your iPhone.†
And most of us have no idea of these capabilities, let alone how to use them.
Do you, like Ross - the cartoon iPhone user created for the marketing of this product - †'only' use your iPhone for texting, making phone calls, using the internet, listening to music and taking photographs?
And do you suspect that there's an awful lot more you can do, if only you knew how?
Get ready, say Unseen Apps, 'to make the most of your iPhone or iPod touch with Unseen Apps.'
Here are just a few of the functions enabled by Unseen Apps: automatically adding location data to pictures taken on your digital camera by 'lending' it iPhone's GPS; fetching details of unknown callers from online directories whilst your phone is ringing; automatically adding pictures to contacts in your address book; and enhanced file sharing via Bluetooth.
You'll also be able to 'textify' an article (which means photographing the document, converting it to text and then sharing via whichever medium you choose).
And you'll be able to tidy up your iTunes and ensure it never gets in a mess again!
This application takes audio samples from your (unnamed or disorganized) songs and matches them to a large database; then labels the song with correct titles, genre, album art and lyrics.
'Your entire collection revamped in a matter of just a few clicks,' they say.
The apps also enable you to organize and password protect your photographs and videos.†

Plus 'Jailbreak and Unlock made easy.'
Aha - jailbreaking, if you were wondering when we'd get to that... In case you're not aware, jailbreaking is a process of removing the limitations imposed by Apple on the applications that can run on your iPhone's operating system. Once you have done this, you can download applications not available through the Apple App Store.
Unseen Apps are keen to stress that their product is not simply a jailbreaking device. 'It's much more than that,' they say.
As mentioned above, the Apps are already there on your phone (for example the photos App) - but Unseen Apps will 'tweak' the existing App so it's more user-friendly.
And this is essence of this product. It's a guide through the minefield that is your phone. It helps you set up your existing Apps with 'comprehensive videos and images to assist you throughout the process.'
'Itís like having an expert sit next to you and walk you through each and every step.'
Unseen Apps is compatible with the latest iPhone and also works with Windows (which is slightly redundant considering that Windows does not impose restrictions on what can run on the operating system).
However you can, should you wish, use Unseen Apps on a Windows-compatible device.
Your purchase includes regular free updates once you are a member; plus video tutorials and 'Super Geek on demand.'
So what is the word on Unseen Apps out there in cyberspace.
It was difficult to find any independent user reviews of this product - hence the rating. There are some generic looking marketing sites - for example one said that the product was 'not flimsily made' (!).†
And one user recommended the games that come with the package:
'You can get some pretty crazy new ones from Unseen Apps,' they said.
Another liked the facility to send files over Bluetooth.
There are free Apps which enable this - but they don't give you the value-added demonstrations and 'step-by-step' guides.

One site said customer satisfaction was high and returns for the product were low; whereas one said the complete opposite.

So if you are a tech savvy owner you most likely will see no value in this product, but if you are like the majority of us out there this could be the very thing that lets you unlock the power of your I-Phone...

Date Reviewed: December 12, 2011, 8:04 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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