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Simple to use and understand. Include Reiki music for relaxation and spiritual development. Good introduction to basic principles.


Claims appear overblown. Negative comments on forums especially around a) the amount of time it takes to become a master and b) claims of healing.


Could be useful for an introduction to Reiki but my research suggests that the product does not live up to the claims made by the promoter.

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"Usui Reiki Healing Master" by Bruce Wilson - REVIEW

Interest in alternative healing techniques (such as Reiki) is high in the West.

The practice of Reiki was developed by a Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui, and uses the technique of palm healing or hands on healing to transfer universal energy (which is what the word Reiki means) - allowing the body to 'self heal.'
Now you would think that this practice would take years to develop and require the tutorage of a Master.

That's what Bruce Wilson, developer of Usui Reiki Healing Master thought.

However you can, he says, become a skilled healer with the ability to heal yourself and others. A Reiki Master.
So lets learn about his story.

Bruce says that for years he was plagued by depression and anxiety, and that the drugs he was prescribed did nothing to help.†

His wife persuaded him to visit a Reiki healer at the local church.†
'Something happened!' he says. 'As soon as he touched me, I felt like some energy was radiating from his hands. The tension of anxiety and depression left my body.'
Following this experience Bruce attended Reiki classes himself and learned that Reiki is not 'learned in the usual sense, but transferred from a Reiki Master to his student, also that Reiki use is not dependent on one's intellectual capacity or spiritual development and therefore is available to everyone.'

We can all tap into the chi, the energy. †It heals wonderfully - even better than nutritional supplements.

Bruce continued to study and received his 'Level 1 Attunements' - but he was still unable to 'heal myself and others.' He was then told to undertake Reiki level 2.†

To cut a long story short, he stuck with the classes, believing in the power of Reiki ('I was living proof of that') but became concerned that the Reiki classes were 'just a way to rob people out of their money.'

And the 'truth' according to Bruce, outlined in Usui Reiki Healing Master, is that 'You are already a Reiki Master.'†

So you don't need to pay for expensive classes.

'Iíve created a Reiki Program thatíll show you exactly how to become a Reiki Master in just hours,' says Bruce.

The program, he says, will teach you the most effective way to unify the body, mind, and spirit and allow the body to heal itself.

You will also learn how to reduce blocks in energy flow, increase spiritual growth, and combat anxiety and depression.

He has put everything he knows into an 'easy-to-use' system which can be completed (or 'transitioned' in 48 hours) and perfected in a few weeks.

'Thanks for creating a system that is not only easy to follow but also effective,' says one endorsement on the Usui Reiki Healing

Master website. 'I have suggested it again and again to my friends who were interested in Reiki. I am sure that they will be just as satisfied as I am.'

The package includes 120 minutes of 'authentic Reiki music' - very sought after, apparently, because real Reiki music has to be made by a Reiki Master who is also a composer.†

And Bruce Wilson promises ongoing email support.
All for $47.

Does this sound too good to be true?

Well independent reports agree. 'Reiki is a life-long journey,' said one. ...In the West, people are inclined to look for quick fixes rather than a longer commitment to Spiritual well-being. There is no quick fix. Taking a four hour course in Reiki is not going to put you in a place where your Body, Mind, Soul and intellect are in balance. This requires time, practice, intent and communion with the Universe which is the ultimate Master.'
However not everyone dismissed the Usui Reiki Healing master quite so easily.

'Using the Bruce Wilson method will give you a starter. It may well give you the confidence to carry on doing Reiki,' says one commentator.

But they, too, agree that, 'this is no substitute for a life-long way of being. Doing a course with a living Master allows you to meet people who are like-minded.'

And others are skeptical of the promises made around healing. 'No Reiki master nor simple practitioner can promise you that he will heal anything - healing is very complex,' said one forum contributor.

So it seems that the claims (on some review sites) that 'getting your Masters in the shortest time possible... is really easy given the clarity of the program,' are overblown.†
CB Engine, the independent analytics company that records statistics on products marketed on the internet, records a refund rate of 6.86% for this product, which is average. Meaning that some people were satisfied with the product, and some weren't.

So as an introduction to Reiki principles and methods, this product could be useful and if this is what you are looking for then the Usui Reiki Healing program could be for you.

Just don't bank on becoming a Master in 48 hours.
Date Reviewed: March 9, 2012, 1:15 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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