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V2 Cigs E Cigarette With Integrity
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V2 cigs REVIEW - The E Cigarette company with integrity

Why V2?

V2cigs is a company with integrity offering a product of quality. Whether you're into e cigarettes to reduce your impact on the environment or trying them out as a healthier alternative to smoking, whether you just think they're fun or you like the major savings compared to regular smoking, V2cigs.com is a leader of the pack!


Let's start with quality. V2 offers a couple of very useful comparison charts on their website. One compares V2 cigs to smoking tobacco and the other compares V2 e cigs to other electronic cigarette companies. They are one of the few companies that offer a lifetime warranty on their product as well as portable charging case, live chat and custom cartridge flavors. They actually help you choose your flavor based on the type of cigs you're used to smoking… I love this feature! (i.e. if you smoke Marlboros, to get comparable flavor go with V2 Red, etc.) 


V2Cigs has the top alexa ranking of any e cigarette. This means their site is valued as an authority site and leader in the market. Another reason V2 Cigs are so popular is variety and options. They have 4 battery color options (including stainless steel which I think is cool!) and 10 flavor options. And here's an incredibly cool feature you won't find anywhere else and it basically blows away the competition: custom cartridges. Not only can you create a color for your cartridge using a pantone color palate, you can also make up your flavor of choice and they will concoct it for you! If you've got a preference for fruitier vapes or jamaican rum... whatever it may be, V2Cigs will create it for you. Of course you can also customize your nicotine strength, from 0 to 24mg.


If you're looking for credibility when it comes to your e-cigarette V2cigs are one of only a couple of brands getting major media attention, such as getting mentioned on the first page of the Bloomberg Businessweek article "Are E-Cigs Cool?" The answer to that is apparently a big fat YES. celebrities like the Twilight stars, Britney Spears, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Moss and Katherine Zeta-Jones seem to think so. Apparently, Americans do to. With a massive leap of over 8 million people who tried e-cigarettes in America from 2010, in 2012 e-cigarette use continues to be on the rise and V2Cigs is on the front page. As of Monday April 16, 2012 V2Cigs unveiled a whole new user experience. Details are in the video below.


One very appealing feature with V2 is their blank cartridges and universal adapters. I personally like a buffet when it comes to flavor options. A lot of brands are fairly limited in their selection.  Although V2 comes in 10 flavors, their blank cartridges enable you to purchase your e-juice from other companies with greater variety (I recommend Virginvapor which even has organic flavors, all made in the U.S.) So you've got a million flavor options with V2. You can go with one of their 10 flavors, have them whip you up something special or buy their blank cartridges and find any e-juice you like to fill it.

If you're wondering which length battery to go for, bear in mind the shorter the battery the sooner it needs to be recharged. If you're concerned about appearances the short battery will be closest to the look of a cigarette but if you're looking for the longest lasting and best value I'd go for their long cig which costs the same as their other options but lasts the longest.

Ecig Coupon: 

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In their own words:

V2 has updated their website and product to make the process of ordering more intuitive:

What sets V2 Cigs apart?
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Check Out V2Cigs! They're my top pic hands down in the booming e cigarette market!

Date Reviewed: January 23, 2012, 8:49 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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