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VPI Pet Insurance Review From: Veterinary Pet Insurance Company

No lifetime limits on coverage of your pets, and benefits renew in full annually.

Claim process may be somewhat slow.

Compare the premiums offered by other pet insurers. VPI Pet Insurance is not only competitive in its pricing its knowledge and breadth in this industry is unequalled.

VPI Pet Insurance Review - Is the largest pet insurance provider really the best?

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) is a leading pet insurance provider available in all 50 states. VPI provides coverage for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets. The coverage includes illnesses as well as emergency care visits. Pet owners looking for routine care can purchase an optional CareGuard coverage. Coverage is also provided for diagnostic tests, specific medications, and bacterial and viral infections relating to birds. Recurring illnesses are also covered as long as they not a pre-existing condition.

No Hidden Costs or Surprises

VPI Pet Insurance works on a benefits schedule provided to the customer at the time of purchase. The schedule lists all the available coverage and exactly how of each procedure will be covered. This ensures the customer does not face any unpleasant surprises or hidden costs when making a claim. The company provides a list of maximum coverage, which is replenished each year when the insurance policy is renewed.

Easy Claim Making

VPI Pet Insurance allows the pet owners to select a veterinarian of their own choosing. The company does not require the vets to be pre-approved for coverage. After receiving the services of the vet, the pet owner must email or fax the Claim Form to the company. The company will rely on the benefits schedule and the vet diagnostic chart to determine which category the claim is filed under. After the deductible amount as per the policy has been met, the customerís claim is sent out.

Trust and Reliability

VPI is the oldest pet insurer in the United States, founded nearly three decades ago. It continues to be the only veterinary-based pet insurance provider in the United States. In an extremely competitive industry where more than 50 pet insurance companies have come and gone, VPI has survived and earned a reputation of reliability and stability. A 2010 Veterinary AAU study, quoted on the companyís website, has suggested that more vets recognize VPI Pet Insurance than all other pet health insurance companies combined.

Choice of Vets

After purchasing a VPI pet insurance policy, the customer can continue to see his or her petís current veterinarian. In fact, the company allows the freedom to the customers to visit any licensed vet anywhere in the world, including vet specialists and emergency pet care providers. This allows the customers to seek the best possible medical care for their pets. This blanket freedom to choose any vet may not be available with some of the competitors of VPI Ė just giving a another golden stripe to VPI.

Premium Costs

VPI Pet Insurance website provides plans of comparable coverage from nine other pet insurance companies. The comparison reveals that VPI has the lowest average premium costs for comparable coverage. That is impressive considering their reputation and clout.

What People are Saying

A majority of consumers are extremely satisfied with the premium costs, claims reimbursement, and coverage provided by VPI Pet Insurance. A few disgruntled voices against the company do exist, but almost none of them substantiate their criticism with any specific instances.

Date Reviewed: October 4, 2011, 1:24 am
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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