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Combination of daily driving control and racing speed performance.


Steep price at $15,995.00


Buy it if you are a speed and power fanatic who wants to own the fastest car in town.

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VR825 Horsepower Kit Porsche 997 Turbo 07-09 from Vivid Racing
VR825 For Porsche 911
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REVIEW: VR825 Horsepower Kit for the Porsche 911 (997) Turbo, by Vivid Racing...

VR825 Horsepower Kit Porsche 997 Turbo 07-09 is an exciting engine modification product from Vivid Racing for your 2007 to 2009 Porsche 997 Turbo. The company describes this power package as something that is equally effective when it comes to streetability as well as racing inspired speed. The R&D for this power kit began in 2008, and it has led to development of a bolt-on turbo kit that claims to enhance the performance of the 997 Turbo dramatically.

Focus on the Daily Driver

The VR825 power kit is well-suited for such 997 Turbo owners that do not wish to tamper with the internals of the engine and retain the functionality as well as driveability of their car on a day to day basis. This kit is ideal for the daily driver and has been designed provide your 997 Turbo the driveability of a stock car when you are driving around town.

Power Packed

The focus on the daily driver is only the beginning as far as the VR825 Power Kit is concerned. Once you get into the boost, it can transform your 997 Turbo into an insane machine designed to test your foot’s threshold (and psyche). Its power performance can be gauged from the fact that in 2010, Vivid Racing ran 206.2mph at the Texas Mile with a 60-130 time of 6.04secs! On MS109 Octane and 1.6bar of boost, the car achieved an unbelievable 765awhp.

Real World Performance

Vivid Racing has tested the VR825 power package on its own Porsche 997TT demo car to test it under real world conditions. The car was tested the way it came from the factory, in all wheel drive. The car in its stock form baselined at 387 all-wheel horsepower. With the completed VR Power Kit, the car produced an unbelievable uncorrected 760 all-wheel horsepower. The test was performed using MS109 race gas and running at 1.5bar on a 4th gear pull.

Vivid Racing also tested the kit in normal driving scenarios. Using the GPS based Performance Box, which is the industry standard, with a non-professional driver, the test car ran a 60-130mph time in 6.33 seconds. 0-60mph was logged at 3.5 seconds. The car also achieved a standing mile run at 195.7mph with a 10mph Northeast head wind. The company claims that based upon the non-controllable factors, this power kit platform is designed to outperform any other supercar from 0 to 200mph.


Vivid Racing VR825 Horsepower Kit Porsche 997 Turbo 07-09, Model VR-997TT-825 is available exclusively from Vivid Racing at a price of $15,995.00. Individual parts can be purchased through Agency Power dealers. If you have the kit installed at Vivid Racing, you will receive an additional 2-year/15,000 mile warranty on parts and labor.

Date Reviewed: November 1, 2011, 1:54 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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