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Vapornine E Cigarettes from Vapornine.com
Vapornine Best E Cig For Your Money
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Vapornine Review - Best e cig for your money

Good Move:

In Launching their e-cigarettes, the team at Vapornine made a couple of wise decisions. First, they listened in to forum buzz so they could get a feel for what avid vapers are really looking for in an e cigarette. They heard a repeated desire for an e cigarette that delivered strong vapor and quality flavor at an affordable price from a company that provides excellent customer support. Of course that's a tall order. 

Did they deliver? 

Listening in also gave V9 a clear picture of what products avid users really like, so they knew clearly what steps to take during their R&D phase as well as how to proceed with ongoing R&D. Because they put the customer at the center, their development, while challenging in certain ways, has been a more straightforward process. Give people exactly what they are asking for at a better price than they can get it elsewhere. 

Also, let them use some Vapornine products not as they were originally intended but as they are actually using those products. What do I mean by this? Well, many vapers prefer to re-use their cartomizers. Cartomizers are meant to be disposable. Once it's out of juice you toss it away and replace with a new one. Easy peasy. However, a lot of vapers in the forums like to drip e liquid into their cartomizers once the cartomizer has run out. This saves them a few additional dollars and for people on a super tight budget, it has become a regular practice. 

Most E cig companies accept this but they certainly don't encourage it. Vapornine has taken things a step further. They will actually educate their users on how to do this if that's your preference. In other words, rather than sell you on tossing your old cartomizers because they stand to gain more money from that, they have chosen to embrace and encourage actual users habits. This may seem at odds with their bottom line but it engenders trust and user loyalty and that's paying off for Vapornine.

Listening in to the forums you hear resoundingly favorable user experience. People love the equipment and at $29.95, they love their Nebula deluxe starter kit! They also heartily recommend the Nebula to other forum users. Vapornine is really benefiting from the positive word of mouth. They also have a great reputation for customer service, even when things don't go as planned. Users repeatedly comment on their responsiveness.

Another good move:

In another wise move by V9, They have actually established a genuine, organic presence in the biggest e cig forum. This means consistent engagement with forum users in a genuine way. It's a sign that their emphasis on putting the customer first is not just talk. They're putting their time and energy where their mouth is and making themselves completely available… and they're doing it in public where everyone can see. So, if someone has a complaint it's out there in the open… and people will complain. 

But when you see how responsive Vapornine is when that happens and how appreciative users are when they feel heard and understood you recognize what true customer service is. True customer service is not about getting everything right 100% of the time. That's impossible. True customer service is about being accessible, listening, understanding and taking timely action which reflects that understanding. 

Here's my take:

By putting themselves out there in that way, Vapornine is telling the world exactly what their values are and what kind of user experience they will offer their customers. Very wise. Will their company grow to the same heights as a company like Green Smoke (which is currently the most popular brand out  there)? It's hard to say. Certainly they'll remain a forum fave, but there are many ingredients that go into developing a successful business. Growth needs to happen in a way the company can handle and marketing plays a key role. Green Smoke have taken a lot of flack in the forums for their success but it's of a magnitude Vapornine can only dream about right now. If you're curious about Green Smoke you can check out my review.

I'll be curious to see how Vapornine does over time. Meanwhile, I highly recommend picking up the Nebula starter kit, one of the best bangs for your buck on the e cig market, by a company that definitely puts it's customers first! To check out Vapornine CLICK HERE.

Date Reviewed: February 10, 2012, 3:31 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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VapeKing You guys are horrible. Your customer service sucks and you are selling the cheapest e-cigs you can get. PEOPLE PLEASE IMFORM YOURSELVES!!! Their batteries are crap!!! Want the real deal? Look online. http://www.evcigarettes.… is right here in Jacksonville!! (In no way do I work for them) On top if that you guys are very rude. Your employees are kids who know nothing about vaping. They don\\\\\\\'t even know the difference between a carto and an atty. I can understanding selling your little crappy kits and some idiots buy them, but DON\\\\\\\'T!! Go check out Grimm Green on YouTube. Grimm is the master and has great advice!!! You guys blow up your product like it is GOD!! It\\\\\\\'s CRAP!!! VapeKing Rating
Sat, February 16, 2013 6:54PM • By: VapeKingrssreport user
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