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The Apricorn Velocity Solo is an easy, inexpensive way to speed up older computers. The addition of the company's EZ Gig cloning software makes it easy to clone older hard drives, allowing you to choose the files you want to move over to the faster SATA III drives.


SATA III hard drives can be expensive. Also, you need to be comfortable with installing cards and other internal devices onto the motherboards of PCs.


The Velocity Solo was easy to install and can be a valuable upgrade for people who can't afford to replace their older computers.

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Apricorn Velocity Solo from Apricorn
Velocity Solo Review
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Velocity Solo Adds Zip to Old PCS

The folks at Apricorn have developed a way for us to upgrade our old PCs to take advantage of SATA III, high-speed technology by simply slipping a new card into an empty slot on the motherboard of our computer. The result is faster access to data stored on our hard drives and a much faster boot time. Simply put, we're up and running sooner than we were before the upgrade.

The new Velocity Solo Desktop SSD Upgrade Kit allows users of older PCs to install new 10,000 RPM hard drives or other SATA III or solid state drives (SSD) on their older computers and all you need is a screwdriver and the willingness to tinker a bit with your computer..

We installed a Velocity Solo into an empty PCI/e slot on the motherboard of an older computer and were up and running with a new high-speed drive in less than 10 minutes.

Using the Solo, we have us the option of attaching a full-size drive using a SATA III cable or slipping a 2.5-inch notebook drive into a slot on the card, eliminating the need for a cable.

We tested the Solo using two 2.5-inch notebook drives --- a Seagate 750 GB Momentus XT and a 250 GB drive provided by Apricorn --- booting the computer from each drive.

Both drives worked perfectly and significantly reduced computer boot time, due to the higher spin rate of SATA III (up to 10,000 RPM versus 7,500 RPM for older drives ) and, because we were now using SSDs, we were able to take advantage of their ability to read data at up to 6 GB/second.

Installing the new card also provided:

-- The ability to use a single PCIe 2.0 XT slot.

-- The ability to connect a 2.5-inch SSD using a SATA III interface.

-- An additional auxiliary SATA III connector for expansion to another drive.

The upgrade kit comes with a SATA III cable and a license key for the company's EZ Gig cloning software, which you have to download from Apricorn's website.

The software enables you to choose which programs you want to transfer to the new drive and simplifies the process of creating a new, faster boot drive.

In addition, the cloning software allows you to:

-- Create an exact clone of your old hard drive.

-- Use Data Select to move files from a larger hard drive to a smaller SSD drive.

-- Create a smaller, faster boot drive.

-- Simplify the process of cloning older hard drives. Simply select your source drive {where the files are located", your destination drive, the files you want to transfer and click on "Start Clone."  

Apricorn is also known for its wide selection of PC peripherals, including Aegis external and :padlocked:secure hard and flash drives, DVR expansion kits for cable and satellite TV DVR receivers, notebook upgrade kits, netbook expansion kits, power supplies and cables.

The Aegis padlocked drives give users the ability to set up to five pin numbers to keep intruders from accessing data stored on the drives. You simply enter the numbers you want to use on a touchpad attached to the units.. 

The DVR expansion kit attaches to an existing cable or satellite TV DVR and provides increased capacity for recorded programs. It is actually a replacement for the hard drive in the older DVR, which means you won't have access to shows stored on the original equipment. To see these shows, simply disconnect the Apricorn expander.

Lastly, the netbook expansion kit adds a DVD drive and additional hard drive to older netbooks. This allows users to install programs on their netbooks without having to transfer them to flash drives.

Date Reviewed: May 11, 2012, 9:33 am
Reviewed by Miochael Berman
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