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Easy to read information makes this product effective for everyone. The vertical training materials are solid and scientifically accurate. The price is outstanding for the genre.


The program is only good if you are willing to put in the work. There are no magic Michael Jordan pills out there. The program is not as heavily backed as some others by the pros and big name guys.


Though the Vertical Explosion program is kind of basic information, it is organized into a powerful workout that will help anybody. Vertical Explosion is a solid program for anybody that wants to increase their vertical leap.

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Vertical Explosion Training Program from Kurt Howard
Vertical Explosion Program Review
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FULL REVIEW: Vertical Explosion Training Program (by Kurt Howard)

When it comes to learning how to jump, basketball players will do just about anything. I once knew a guy that hung from his ankles in his bedroom doorway for over an hour because someone told him it would help him touch the rim. The idea of flying through the air to dunk or spiking a volleyball is more than enough to turn off people’s common sense meter long enough to buy a scam program. For this reason, many people are jumping on the bandwagon and creating e-books that do nothing for your vertical jump but raise your hopes. Vertical Explosion Training Program by Kurt Howard fortunately is not such a program.

What about Vertical Explosion helps you jump buildings in a single bound?

Vertical Explosion does one thing and does it very well—it breaks down the basics of building muscle while applying it to vertical jump ability. Kurt Howard has realized that people train wrong rather than not hard enough. Most people are willing to put in the work, but they are not always smart about the work they put in. Jumping out of the gym comes by building muscles that nobody else knows about and by training for explosion rather than endurance.

This simple truth is offered up in many places but Vertical Explosion does a nice job of applying it to a daily program of exercise. Knowing what to do is only part of the efforts of building vertical leaping ability. You also have to know how and when to do it properly. Too much exercise will leave you gassed and injury prone and not enough will prevent positive results.

Vertical Explosion seems to understand and apply these basic tenants effectively and in a simplistic manner that will work well for anybody.

Is Vertical Explosion telling us anything new here?

The one negative thing that I read the most when I search forums and various online reviews is that Vertical Explosion is not selling anything that is not readily available in a million places for free. To be fair to Kurt Howard, that is true of virtually every product out there. Very few products are truly trailblazing and completely unique from everyone else. This one is not either. It is basic information and it is pretty much what anybody might find out if they studied in depth. Kurt Howard did that for you and compiled it together in Vertical Explosion in an easy-to-digest program. He also took that material and turned it into an effective workout routine. That is the value that you are supposed to be paying for.

Is Vertical Explosion better than the others out there?

The truth is, I would rank Vertical Explosion maybe third or fourth out of the vertical leaping programs out there primarily because of the fact that it is not as thorough as some of the others. It also does not have the clout that programs like “The Jump Manual” benefits from. It is a solid program from everything that I have found, but it is not the best manual available. Vertical Explosion is a program that has helped many and will continue to do so without a ton of bells and whistles. I suspect that Kurt would be perfectly happy with that.

What are people saying about Vertical Explosion results?

This particular aspect of the Vertical Explosion training program is very similar to others in that some people say it is awesome, while others say it did nothing for them. The truth is, no vertical training program is going to magically transform you into Michael Jordan. It sounds like it might, but the truth is only hard work and genetics can do that for you. One you can do something about and the other you can’t. Not yet anyway.

Vertical Explosion gives you the tools you need to work hard and smart every single day to increase your vertical jumping ability. The principles are solid and accurate and they are based on science rather than on speculation. If you follow the program, then you will gain inches on your vertical. Will you gain ten inches in just a short amount of time? Who knows? That really depends on how hard you work and how well you implement the principles set before you.


If you are willing to put in the time and truly work hard, then buying the Vertical Explosion program is a wonderful idea. It is reasonably priced at only $37 and it compares favorably with other programs. As a matter of fact, it is cheaper than the others on most days. (These programs change quite often)

If you want the best program out there, I would suggest you check out the Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller. If you want a cheaper alternative that is slightly less involved, then Vertical Explosion is likely perfect for you. Either one would be a fine purchase and do the trick nicely.
Date Reviewed: March 12, 2012, 12:25 pm
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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But as you saw in my review, I don't recommend it.
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