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This product has a very clear, crisp picture, has an amazing warranty, and is very cheap compared to the competition.


No HDMI port may require you to buy some component cables. Not so bad really. You may have to deal with lots of wires/cords.


This is a cheap little powerhouse of a projector and everyone seems to agree it's a great buy.

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ViewSonic PJD5123 Projector from ViewSonic
ViewSonic PJD5123 Projector Review
Robert Sunset rates this 4.5/5
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FULL REVIEW: ViewSonic PJD5123 Projector (3D, 120Hz)

Digital projectors have long had a love/hate relationship among both business professionals and home theater enthusiasts due to lack of resolution, frustrating setup and the myriad of problems that any projection device may face such as a room full of people smoking cigars. A few years ago, trying to watch a movie or display a slideshow via digital projector in daylight was an infuriating ordeal. Luckily, the past few years have seen such amazing advances in HD tech combined with projector technology that the evolution of the projector has become rather fun to watch from a tech standpoint.

This brings us to the ViewSonic PJD5123 Projector. I had to go to my favorite electronics shop anyway so while there I asked them to "sell me" this projector as best they could and luckily they have a full fledged home theater room at my local shop. They were more than happy to set up the ViewSonic PJD5123 for me so here are my first impressions:

ViewSonic PJD5123 Projector Impressions

The first thing I noticed that people with large TVs will relate to is the ViewSonic projector makes very little noise, just the fan sound. No high pitched hum from deep inside or that strange almost imperceptible buzz some LCD TVs tend to give off. The projector was set in a ceiling mounted bracket (sold separately I was informed) and was projected onto a huge screen that was about 6 feet wide by 3 feet high. The clarity was better than I was expecting to be honest. The sound was first just coming from the projector itself and that stunk. I wouldn't use that unless absolutely necessary. It could work for a small meeting room but that's about it.

The employee had some systems already set up so he plugged in a laptop to display some video. The quality was still great. Nothing strange at all. He then plugged in the home theater stereo system and a PS3 and I was pretty excited to see how this would go. He popped in a Blu-Ray and there it was. I was pretty impressed at the quality from a projector. I have a very old LCD screen on my PC and it was much better than that. Impressive for sure but what came next I didn't expect.

The employee does something on the PS3 and then hands me a pair of 3D glasses. Now the entire room seems brilliantly lit up and yes, there was full 3D spit out by this very inexpensive projector. Combined with a large stereo system plugged into it and it was the coolest little home theater experience I've had in years.

They didn't let me play a game during my visit as most stores won't readily have one as a demo.

The only thing that is very hard not to notice is wires. You really need a lot of cords running to and from everything all ending up on the ceiling. I was assured this was pretty easy to hide using some extension cables but there's a definite lack of an HDMI port. Maybe that's too much to expect from a relatively cheap projector anyway. Some wireless adapters could probably help this issue.

Features of the ViewSonic PJD5123 Projector Impressions

Up to 120Hz Framerates - Projects images without lag, must have for gaming

3D Ready - This is a very cool feature that I didn't know any low priced projector utilized

BrilliantColor Technology - Great clarity at all times, even in lighted situations

Eco Mode - Option to save power/parts by dimming slightly

Excellent Warranties - 3 years on parts/labor, 1 year on the lamp, 1 year Express Exchange if needed

Distance Calculator - The official site will optimize your projector placement 

User Testimonials

Adam Lopez (

"After shopping around and purchasing a few "cheap" projectors I realized that I needed to bight the bullet and buy something a bit more expensive. I did a ton of research and for my price point of around $300 I found this projector. I was a bit skeptical as I have had no luck with projectors recently and was nervous about throwing down so much money. Rest assured, this projector is worth it! I wanted a nice affordable movie projector for backyard movie nights with friends. Trying to find one that provided a great picture along with being affordable is no easy task. But this model is fantastic. I can't get over how crisp the picture is. And we use nothing but a white sheet pinned between two hammok posts. 
Even in a room with mid day sun the picture is still bright and clear. The fan is not too loud and the controls are very easy to work. My only concern is that finding the right connection for my macbook 5, 1 unibody has been a hassle. We connected it to a cheap dvd player and it worked great. Also there are RCA connections and we hooked it up to a vintage receiver and speakers for an amazing sound experience. If you can afford the price, this is a great buy. I highly recommend this projector!!!"

Szalvo54 (

"My Viewsonic purchase went well from the beginning. I received it in a matter of days, the packaging was perfect and the projector was easy to use right from the start. I would highly recommend it for the occassional or value conscious buyer."

The Bottom Line

If price has been the main thing holding you back from buying a digital projector for the past few years, the ViewSonic PJD5123 Projector has the potential to change your mind and offer you something amazing at a very low price point. You will probably want to hook it up to a home theater system and purchasing a real screen is a good option though a clean, smooth white surface may suffice.

Whether it's gaming, pro sports events, business presentations, or just relaxing and watching some movies, you can't go wrong with this device.
Date Reviewed: April 23, 2012, 8:58 am
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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