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A large selection of exercises with proper details, photographs included for easy understanding, 60-day money back guarantee


Background and experience of the eBook’s creator is unknown, the eBook has not been endorsed by any recognized gym or certified physical trainer, this product is not a magic pill


If building a muscular body is your dream, this eBook may be a healthier alternative than opting for special diet formulas or pills to build lean muscle.

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Visual Impact Muscle Building from Visual Impact Muscle Building
Visual Impact Muscle Review
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Rusty Moore's "Visual Impact Muscle Building" REVIEW

A lean and muscular body is the dream of almost every man. If you are unhappy with your current physique and secretly wish for a body that attracts attention and draws envy, you may like to check out Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact Muscle Building program. Rusty Moore insists that while most exercise programs focus excessively on muscle building, what actually enhances your appearance dramatically is when you get muscle in the right proportion at the most strategic parts of your body.

Rusty Moore’s background remains unknown at his official website, but he does reveal that he has been running this website for the past three years with an exclusive focus on helping people build a lean “Hollywood Look”. Moore’s Visual Impact Muscle Building program is actually a 277-page eBook that tells you how to gain targeted muscle mass with focused exercises for each body part.

What does the eBook offer you?

Rusty Moore’s 227-page eBook contains specific exercises along with photographic demonstrations of the exercises for each muscle group. For instance, if you are looking for exercises to strengthen your back muscles, you simply click on “Back Exercises” and it gives you a list of 39 special exercises that work your back. You can click on each individual exercise to reach a page that provides detailed description of how to perform that exercise, along with relevant photographs for easy understanding.

One of the good things about this eBook is that it explains for you the difference between basic things such as tone and mass, and what kind of exercises are appropriate to build either of these. The eBook also includes a “bonus” strategy that will help you build five to ten pounds of fat-free mass prior to any special event that you are about to attend. It gives you insights on how to improve a lagging body part without having to over-train. It focuses on building density in your abs rather than just adding size to this area.

Building Great Body in Phases

Visual Impact Muscle Building program is divided into three phases to help you build muscles step by step. The first phase will tell you how to build bigger muscles in the right areas. The aim here is to help you create a lean and ripped physique. The second phase will follow once you have achieved the basic muscle mass of the first phase. Now you will be able to work the mass into lean and dense muscles.

In the third and final phase your body will really “harden up” in the real sense. Phase three focuses purely on fat burning and density building. The eBook also includes bonus phase that will provide you with a “shrink wrap” body effect. This effect will let your skin appear tightly wrapped around your muscles.


The Visual Impact Muscle Building eBook costs $47 for online download. It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.


It is advisable that you perform the exercises provided in this eBook under the supervision of a professional physical trainer. You may also consult with a physician before you embark upon such a physical training program. While it is a known fact that fat burning and muscle building is a healthy thing to do, you still need to work with your doctor for the right program for you.

What are others saying?

Third party reviews and customer experiences are largely favorable towards Visual Impact Muscle Building program. The reviewer at says: "Every part of the training is explained thoroughly. The manual is very easy to read and to understand. It also gives you the exact workout routines, rep schemes and rest time for the workouts. The second manual is 277 pages of exercises, which makes the program very flexible. You have a variety of exercises to choose from that suits you best."

A user at forum says: "To sum it all up, the concept behind visual impact is legit, but it has been known for a long time."
Another user at sums up the program with these words: "Overall, the Visual Impact program offers very unique approach and this is a very good program for anyone who wants to build lean muscles and to get long lasting results. However, don't forget that this program is not a magic pill and you must be focused and disciplined to get the best results from this program."

Date Reviewed: December 21, 2011, 10:28 am
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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