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Excellent Support System in place 24 hours a day with Voda Support and Vodahost Forum.


Some would have said the Blue Voda SiteBuilder is limted in its usage. My biggest problem is adding Blue Voda and current sites to another computer and editing from there. There may be a simple solution I have yet to come across.


Currently as long as you edit from one computer (to make publishing easier) I cannot fault Vodahost nor its Site Builder, Blue Voda. After more than 5 years of personal usage I've grown to admire its features and ease-of-use of its exclusive Blue Voda Site Builder.

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VodaHost Hosting from Michael J Ming
VodaHost Hosting Review
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VodaHost Hosting and Blue Voda Site Builder-Poetry in Motion

The Product

VodaHost Hosting Coy now with unlimited disk space, unlimited band width and unlimited domain names all under the one account,

My Experience
1. The Software
If ever there was an easier Site Builder than Blue Voda with it's multiple features I am yet to find one. Over the last 5 years of my using VodaHost and BlueVoda they have continued to improve with near 100% no downtime and new features that boggle the mind. And it's all so easy to navigate.

Besides the usual WYSIWYG standard they now have added features such as ready-to-use java scripts. I've added water drops and snow flakes on two different occasions to great effect. You can now add instant subscription forms to your site with Blue Voda with no complicated codes needed.

This is new and so useful and versatile. That's a common trait with Blue Voda and VodaHost - no complicated codes or procedures to activate any site effect - just simple one-step drag & drop or copy & paste procedures that anyone, beginner or advanced, will find so convenient.

Over the last 12 months I've experience minimal bugs in the site building system. There has been error problems over the years but they all seem to be ironed out in recent times with very little reoccurence.

2. The Support

Couldn't have done it without BlueVoda and VodaHost
Well - maybe I could - but BlueVoda for website building, backed up by the helpers on the forum, has made the job of creating my website easier than I could have thought possible. Having had other people build sites for me before it is so much better getting control of things myself at last. My site gets many compliments from other people in my business and I have had many requests to build sites for them too.

On the subject of VodaHost - great value or what? For a year it has been providing great service to me and can't be faulted for operation or pricing. I've been ripped off by one of its competitors before but have no hesitation sending others to VodaHost for value and ease of dealing with them.
Thanks to everyone - and I have to say - specially to the guys on the forum. ~Paul

The 24 hour support I've received from Vodahost has been excellent. With the glitches and the downtimes (with IP Address changes and the like). There were times when help messages went across the Pacific in rapid succession both ways resulting finally in successful attempts to correct any problem I had come across. 2012 has been remarkably trouble-free for me personally.

Besides the usual 24-hour VodaHost Support there is the all-more-important VodaHost forum where all aspects of Blue Voda and Hosting is completely covered. VodaHost Forum has got to be one of the most active Forums online.It comprises of a myriad of categories to focus on your particular problem. It is the mainstay of the entire Voda Host support system.

The Cost of Hosting

For the complete VodaHost package the annual hosting fee is less than $100. For this you get one free domain name and one year's hosting which includes unlimited disk space, unlimited domains and so much more. Just take a look at the Features available:

  • Unlimited Disk Space – Dell PowerEdge Servers!
  • Unlimited Monthly Data Transfer – Go Crazy!
  • Free Domain Name Registration & Transfers
  • Unlimited Matching Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Domain Names and Websites Per Account
  • Multiple Shopping Carts & Merchant Accounts
  • Affiliate Program Software included
  • CGI, PHP, MySQL with Unlimited Databases
  • Blogs, Forums and CMS’s included
  • E-book and Digital Delivery System -Very Cool!

How can you go wrong with VodaHost Hosting and the  Award-winning Blue Voda Site Builder? You don't.

Date Reviewed: May 23, 2012, 2:54 pm
Reviewed by Michael J Ming
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