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Favorable reviews on their whole product line, e liquid made in USA


Volcano has had some growing pains which made them inconsistent at times. Currently they're on a good track.


A great company that can meet all your vaping needs!

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Volcano E Cigarettes from volcanoecigs.com
Volcano E Cigs Home Of The Lava Tube
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Volcano E Cigs Review - Home of the lava tube

Volcano = Good Vibrations

People dig the vibe of Volcano E Cigs. This company was founded in Hawaii so their image is consistent with their origins. People catch on to that and it's a big part of what they like about the brand. Volcano conjures visions of sunny skies, warm island nights, clear blue waters and relaxation! Who wouldn't want a piece of that?? Volcano has also chosen to have fun with where they're from, building it naturally into their brand with names like Lava, Inferno and Magma for their kits and Bluewater Punch, Cherry Lava, and Liquid Paradise for their e liquids.

The Volcano Vapor Cafe in Honolulu was the first cafe ever created to cater to the needs and wants of vapers. Visitors describe a friendly, helpful and low key atmosphere, further reinforcing the positive good will. Volcano has had some significant expansion as well, with 9 kiosk locations throughout the US and 2 other complete cafe locations as of this writing. Volcano have moved their factory to a larger facility so more expansion is clearly on the way.

For me, it's fun to write about a company like Volcano because they have such a strong sense of character, they're developing at a solid rate and their products are generally well received. They've given me lots to work with which makes my job much easier! So let's get into the specifics of this brand and see whether it's worth taking the plunge on one of their starter kits and if so, which one.

How Volcano Shines

So here's the real strength in Volcano E Cigs: One-stop shopping. On your E Cig journey, you'll probably want to try out a few different brands to find the perfect fit for you. Also, you may find that over time your tastes and needs change. Most people start off smoking e cigs that look like a real cigarette. It feels comfortable and familiar and people won't give you strange looks. 

However e cigs that look like real cigarettes have some down sides compared to other types of vaping equipment. Mainly, they don't provide as much vapor as larger products, they need more frequent recharging and replacing cartomizers is more expensive than systems that use a tank. They are still cheaper overall than smoking cigs but what you may decide to do in the long run is to have both a regular e cig kit for when you're out and about and a different piece of equipment for at home use. You may also just want to keep things simple. It really depends on you as an individual. 

Very Positive User Experience:

The Volcano advantage is that all of their products are very favorably reviewed. They manage to successfully straddle the line between populous appeal and a highly demanding and very particular vaping community of experts who have been around the block!

For this reason Volcano can meet you where you live. You can start off purchasing the Volcano kit which most resembles the look and feel of a real cigarette. Over time for a stronger vaping experience, you can either move to a slightly larger cigarette type product (the Magma or Inferno) or you can also purchase one of their extremely popular Lavatubes. The Lavatube is much bulkier but it provides a stronger vaping experience and costs less than replacing cartomizers. Lavatubes are taking off internationally as well! The top vaping forum in the UK named the Lavatube best product of 2011! 

Even if you trade up you'll want to have the Volcano kit on hand for social situations. No one wants to look like they're taking a hit from a futuristic bong when they're out at a party or a bar… hmmm… well most of us don't, anyway.

Volcano have awesome instructional vids for each of their products in case you have any confusion about the advantages of purchasing a particular model.

They also get great reviews for their flavors which are all made in the USA for top quality control.

Why Volcano?

To sum it up, Volcano E Cigs are a great place to start and a company that can grow with you as your vaping needs grow and change.

Date Reviewed: February 12, 2012, 9:04 am
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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