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WORKetc Review From: WORKetc Pty Ltd

Fully integration applications for business management, efficient, intuitive to use

Only for small businesses

An excellent, comprehensive small business software product

WORKetc Review - Can This Integrated CRM deliver all it promises?

One of the challenges of modern small businesses is to manage complicated and constantly evolving relationships. An enquiry may arrive by email, phone (or even through meeting someone in person!) and then this lead needs to be followed-up, consolidated into a project or on-going relationship, managed, developed, tracked, reviewed and (eventually) sold and invoiced. From a standard computer or smart phone this could involve five or six different software programs and we all know how awkward it can be to switch between applications especially on a small screen in a busy airport waiting lounge when you must get this information back to base before your plane boards.
This is where customer relationship management (CRM) applications come in. These apps are typically used by small, service based industries such as marketing firms, web designers, IT companies and freelancers to manage their relationships with customers, clients and sales prospects. WORKetc offer this facility and more - a one-software platform to manage a complete business: CRM, project management, invoicing and billing - all from smart phone. So when an enquiry is received, the WORKetc gadget turns the contact into a lead (attaching the email for reference), the user can then set status and update until the sale is won, at which point the information is turned into a project within WORKetc.
As would be expected for a company selling business applications, WORKetc's website is well-written and attractive, with useful blurb directed at specific customers (IT professionals, sales professionals, legal firms). Their project management applications such as gantt charts, analytics and reports are customizable to give a 'bird's eye' view of the business. Sales staff and management can easily collaborate and share tasks and information through one platform and there is no more jumping between different systems to chase a lead or pay an invoice. Most attractively, the functionality is based around contacts, which is intuitively sensible - most business operations (such as creating an invoice or a project) are based around contacts and all material related to this person is accessible directly from the contacts page.
Sounds great, doesn't it? The user reports agree. 'A straightforward interface', they say. 'I was impressed by the level of service'. 'Great job with version 2.5' 'one of the most flexible business management platforms I have ever seen' 'Great low cost online tool for managing many parts of your business seamlessly.' Also important is the 'rich community' which has evolved in the WORKetc forums. This is very appealing - in this virtual world a sense of community is important, and it is very likely that an individual question or issue has already been discussed within the forums. People like to help people and WORKetc has made this propensity work for them extremely effectively. 'It is clear they take pride in developing their product and care about their customers,' said one user. 
There is also a useful independent comparison of systems (admittedly commissioned by WORKetc.) on their website which lists and compares features and costs. All in all, at $39 per user per month, with a free trial and 'bank strength' security certificates, WORKetc is a highly appealing product. The only downsides I could find were that it is only for small businesses (up to 100 members) and that some links on the website were not working (eg 'read this blog for more information' - and then no link). A small hiccup for a company recognized for its excellent support and intuitive interface. 
Date Reviewed: September 29, 2011, 6:35 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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