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Multiple opt-ins provided in a single plugin, supports list building referral system, Facebook connectivity, positive actual user testimonials, sterling customer support


A blogger who is not tech savvy may have some difficulty initially when he or she uses the plugin.


If you are a keen and devoted WordPress blogger, this plugin is worth considering seriously for improving your subscriber base.

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WPSubscribers from WPSubscribers
WP Subscribers Review
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WPSubscribers REVIEW - Is It Worth Getting?

Are you one of the thousands of WordPress bloggers looking to expand your subscriber base? If so, WPSubscribers is a great “all in one” plugin worth considering. The plugin is packed with innovative features that let you add a variety of opt-in forms for your blog readers. When a reader gets multiple options at strategic points, it can act as a strong motivator to subscribe to your blog feed.
WPSubscribers plugin can fortify your blog with header and footer bar Opt-in forms, Lightbox Popups, In-post Opt-in forms, Customized Opt-in forms that can be placed anywhere, HTML Exit Popups, and Traditional Exit Popups. The plugin is the brainchild of Jenni R. from Honshu, Japan, who is self-described WordPress Coding Maven.

How can it get you more subscribers?

Your key goal while creating your blog is to expand its reach and achieve the highest possible readership. WPSubscribers plugin is designed to help you achieve precisely this goal. Analytics of any successful blog will show you that the readers who subscribe to the blog use different options for sign-up. Therefore, unless your blog is providing all those options in a professional way to the readers, you are bound to lose potential subscribers.

What if I attain multiple opt-ins separately?

In absence of WPSubscribers plugin, if you try to put your Opt-in offer at multiple places, it will entail a lot of work and consume much of your time (two aspects that are not appealing). You will require separate plugins for popups, header and footer, and exit redirection popups. It means there are so many plugins to buy, install, maintain, and update. Instead of focusing on the content and quality of your blog, you will most likely be juggling between various plugins to manage your blog efficiently.

What does it have in it for me?

You can set up as many Opt-in forms for your blog as necessary in various types. It also lets you use unlimited Opt-in forms for different mailing lists or blogs. WPSubscribers works with almost every email service provider, including GetResponse, Aweber, Turbo AutoResponder, Mailchimp, and Google Feedburner. It is also compatible with all the modern browsers.

One of the coolest features of WPSubscribers is its Facebook connectivity. You can attract your blog visitors with a Facebook connect button, which will automatically add them to your subscribers’ list. With more than 500 million active Facebook visitors around the world, that opens up new possibilities for your blog. Well, it will certainly increase the chances of your blog going viral. The plugin also provides you with simple and clear analytics that let you know how each one of your forms is performing. It seems this plugin by Jenni R. sells itself.

How much does it cost?

WPSubscribers is available for instant online download at a price of $47 for three blogs, and $97 for unlimited number of WordPress blogs. You will also get free lifetime updates and priority customer support. The product comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

What others are saying?

Customer reviews as well as third party reviews are almost universally favorable for WPSubscribers plugin. The reviewer at says: "WP Subscribers also supports a list building referral system. You can make it so your subscribers get points for referring visitors to your list which they can redeem for whatever incentive you choose. If you have something good to giveaway, this can be a fantastic way have your email opt-ins grow virally."

An actual user at comments, “I found WP Subscribers pretty good. I am using it from many months now and works without any problem. Updates are still released regularly."

Another user says, “For Facebook, I would recommend wpfacepages. I have problem once with wpsubscribers and Jenni's support are excellent."

Date Reviewed: January 2, 2012, 11:29 am
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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