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Fun game, different ways to solve challenges, nice way to pass some time.


Gory and violent, not suitable for children.


A fun game for adults, especially those who love puzzle games.

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Warp PC Game from Electronic Arts
Warp PC Game Review
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Warp (PC Game) - FULL REVIEW

I am a big PC gamer and have been for many years now. While MMOs are my first love, I am also partial to first-person shooters and puzzle games. Thatís why I was excited to learn more about Warp, a puzzle-based stealth title from Electronic Arts. I have quite a collection of EA games already and I wondered if this would be another to add to the mix. Warp is actually a really interesting game and for just a few bucks, you can pick up a downloadable copy for yourself and begin playing.

About the Game

What first, what is it all about? Warp is a puzzle style game with action and stealth game play as well. You play Zero, an orange alien who is trying to escape an underwater lab where he is being held captive. You will move from area to area, getting past guards and other obstacles as you plot your escape. Gaining freedom will not be easy as there are many challenges that come upon your path.

To Kill or Not to Kill

One interesting aspect of the game is that you typically have the option to stealth past the guards if you choose but the alternative can be more fun. Instead, you can kill, kill, kill your way through but be warned- this is no kidís game. Itís quite gory, which is why it has the M rating. It has a cartoony style to it but is still very violent and gory.

Why is it called ďWarpĒ?

You might be wondering where the name comes from. Well first, Zero gets the ability to warp, which is just one of the abilities he has to help you get past the puzzles and the guards and complete his escape from the lab. The warping area is small but it gets the job done and can be quite fun. This is Zeroís primary weapon and his main tool for solving puzzles.

Other Abilities

In addition to warping, Zero can also create a double of himself to lure the guards away and more. There are a lot of options and opportunities in this game. Itís all about finding ways to solve puzzles and get through to the other side. It reminds me a bit of a gory version of a Zelda game. If you want Zero to earn his freedom, it will come at a price. Fight your way through or solve the puzzles.


When it comes to looks, this game is pretty. The PC version is crisp and clean with nice graphics you would expect from a video game today. However, there is not a lot of variety in the scenery and most of it takes place underwater. The cut scenes are a little lacking but overall, the game is pretty. Since there is a lot of violence and gore, blood will fly while youíre fighting.


Sound is ok but nothing to be especially excited about. There is not a lot of musical accompaniment throughout the game but where it is, the music is fine. When killing, there are cheesy fighting sounds but it goes with the theme and nature of the game so overall, it works.


Overall the gameplay is pretty interesting. The storyline is easy to follow, you want your character to succeed and it is enjoyable to complete tasks and progress throughout the game. The skill set is moderate so you can figure it out with some practice even if you are not used to playing games of this type. Itís not so difficult that you will grow frustrated and want to quit.

Get you a good gaming mouse and you will love this game


Overall, itís a pretty good game. I found it fun but I definitely would not let my kids play it. Thereís too much blood and gore which doesnít really have to be there, in my opinion, as it doesnít really add anything of value to the game. Killing is fun but I prefer trying to solve the puzzles. The game does a good job of mixing up what you will need to do to succeed so it does not become boring or repetitious.

Download size: †1.5 GB

Download time: †45 minutes - 2 hours 15 minutes on broadband

Warp is rated Mature for:

  • Strong Language
  • Violence
  • Blood and Gore
Date Reviewed: April 1, 2012, 9:51 am
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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