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Wartrol Liquid Wart Removal Treatment REVIEW - Does it actually work?

You'll be delighted to learn that...

'The Wart stops here!'

According to the manufacturer's of Wartrol Maximum Strength Wart Removal Liquid.

Those unsightly and irritating warts are caused by the Human Papilloma virus (HPV) which enters your body through tiny cuts and breaks in the skin.

And according to some statistics over 50% of people are infected with this virus. It can be spread by contact so if you have warts please don't touch them.

Especially do not try to remove them by scraping or tearing at the skin - this could easily make the problem worse and transfer the warts to other areas of your body.

So what can you do?

Wartrol is a safe and effective way to remove warts from your legs, hands, arms and personal areas in the comfort of your own home without a prescription.

The active ingredients in Wartrol (primarily Salicylic Acid) have been individually approved by the FDA for their ability to effectively remove warts.

However it is important to note that this approval is for the ingredients only, not the Wartrol formula.

The formula is painless to apply and clinically proven.

Wartrol safely removes verruca, body, flat and plantar warts.

(Who knew there were so many kinds!)

But please check with your doctor before using this product, you need to be sure that what you are suffering with really is a wart and not an indication of a more serious condition.

Because despite how it might feel, warts won't kill you!

The product is very easy to apply. You just brush it on, leave it to air dry for 18-19 minutes and repeat daily until the wart is gone.

Do not cover or bandage the wart.

The manufacturers claim that their ingredients - FDA approved for safe wart removal - have 'never before been combined in such a complete formula for wart removal.'

These active ingredients and natural oils help initiate a process called keratolysis, which thins and weakens the tough layers of skin produced by the HPV virus at the site of the wart.

This shedding helps weaken the HPV virus so warts are removed easily and effectively.†

Combining those FDA-Approved ingredients with Natural Oils not only removes the wart, but helps restore skin to its natural state.

It is important to keep Wartrol on the wart so that the product can be absorbed.†

I repeat: do not try to remove the wart yourself!

So does it really work?

Yes, but it might take some time.

After a few weeks, the cluster of dead-looking cells will have shrunk to nothing.

'Wartrol, where have you been all my life! ' said one customer. 'No more warts!'

'My confidence is restored,' said another. 'Thanks Wartrol!'

The manufacturers also claim that this product can be used for genital warts, 'based on clinical trials.'

However for†removing internal genital warts, you will need to get professional medical attention.

Also, there is some confusion on the internet over this product because of a homeopathic wart remedy with the same name.

This is a review of the brush on, topical application, not the homeopathic solution taken by mouth.

'The most effective immediate removal of warts possible without freezing,' say the manufacturers.

And this is the other option - to visit your doctor to freeze off the wart(s).

Some users advise this especially if you only have one wart. 'If there is just one I go to a doctor, they will usually just freeze it off.'

But bear in mind you probably still carry the HPV virus and warts could re-appear.

'Wartrol is very good at removing warts,' say users.

'One of the fastest wart removal products on the market today.'

A few provisos:

Always patch test before starting the treatment and wait 24 hours before proceeding with wart treatment.

Thoroughly wash and dry the affected area before beginning treatment.

Removal may take up to 12 weeks.

Although you can expect a reduced appearance of warts within 2-6 weeks.†

Complete disappearance will depend on the personís immune system and severity of the condition.†

Wartrol is designed for external application only and should not be swallowed.†

Consult your doctor before taking any over-the-counter treatment, especially if you are taking medication for any other condition

Not safe for children, pregnant or nursing women.

But overall this is a good option if guidelines and directions are followed.

Date Reviewed: November 16, 2011, 2:35 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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