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The positive features are its ease of use and its many features. Othere positives are its support and excellent video and printed resources.


Some may say the price is a little steep for what is available. It is a little inconsistent with errors when publishing with its own ftp.


Like so many other software, it does has its bugs but overall I am wholly satisfied with Web Studio 5 as a reliable site builder with more than adequate features that require no strenuous technical knowhow.

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Web Studio 5 Webbuilder from Back to the Beach software
Web Studio 5 Review
Michael J Ming rates this 4.5/5
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Web Studio 5- The Award Winning Web Builder

The Product

Web Studio 5, as the name implies is Version 5 of Web Studio from Back To The Beach Software LLC. It is the web building software for both the beginner and professional. It encompasses all that is required to complete a website, from templates to text effects, images to plugins. It is so easy to navigate with it's WSIWG editor and main tool bar complete with text, preview,images,html and lots more.

Web Studio 5 Features

The best features of Web Studio 5 is it's functionality and simplicity. Having experienced the system for over 2 years since purchasing, I love its many versatile features. My favorites are:
  • The ease and speed one can create a new page
  • The myriad of buttons, images and templates that are built into the software make part of the whole
  • The well layed out toolbar that is simple to navigate and works efficiently
  •  The built in preview mode and ftp publishing system
  • And probably most importantly the excellent tutorial videos built into the system

Every access is a one step push button navigation, from the "open" file to the "publish" website. The preview mode is one of its better features, as well as the html access that simplifies adding code. And, of course, you can add Youtube videos and any other media you choose;once again a simple one-step process with Web Studio 5.

I have a whole row of "very expensive" software sitting on a shelf, while Web Studio is loaded on my computer.NOTHING is easier, faster, or does more of what I want when building a website, than Web Studio. When you add in the VERY reasonable price. I dare anyone to show me a program that compares in value to Web Studio... ! HomerJoy

Outside Features

Besides the Web Studio software itself, there are outside influences that merit review.

Firstly the support is first class, and updates are always added. In addition, there is the excellent Web Studio forum that couldn't be more helpful. The quality of technical help is unsurpassed both in final results and turnaround of responses.

With your purchase you will also recieve a complete pdf manual (a.400pp) as additional reference. Needless to say 2 years ago I recieved a complete hard copy manual but that unfortunately has been discontinued to cut costs no doubt. I have advocated its return but as yet it has not been taken up.

I recommend wholeheartedly Web Studio 5. For a semi-professional software web builder and a Top Ten Winner for 2012 in Top Ten Reviews.  Web Studio5  rates a 9 in my book.

Is it Worth the Price?

At $159.99 as a one-off payment, and with a first class support and forum, Web Studio 5 could be considered worth it. When one compares Dream Weaver, and the infrerior free Microsoft Frontpage, both which require a steep learning curve in their use, and with Web Studio 5 with its ease and simplicity of navigation, not forgetting the excellent videos that come with the entire system, that price is excellent value for money.

How Do I Best Get Hold of Web Studio 5?

Web Studio 5 is available as a complete functional system as a 30 Day Free Trial. I highy recommend that you take advantage of this trial and find out for yourself the best features of Web Studio 5.

Unlike a considerable number of systems and software that supply a half-working trial product, Web Studio 5 offers you the complete working system with a fully functional software and support system, complete with video tutorials. That's a generous offer. They require no payment until after 30 days once you are fully satisfied Web Studio 5 is the site Builder for you.

Date Reviewed: May 1, 2012, 11:11 am
Reviewed by Michael J Ming
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