Weber 22.5-Inch One-Touch Gold Kettle Grill
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Weber 225 One Touch Gold Kettle Grill From: Weber

Sturdy, robust, good design. Cooks beautifully. Good customer service and reputation.

Handles get hot, no thermometer. Some quality control issues reported.

Get a Weber and get cooking!

Remember that charcoal grilled taste? Make more memories with a Weber grill

One of the biggest surprises for me when I moved out to Canada was that people use propane grills for their BBQs.

Maybe people found them easier to use... I don't know... but to me, it always seemed to defeat the object of cooking outdoors touse gas - maybe because many kitchens in England have gas cookers.

So when our old gas grill finally gave out I lobbied hard for a charcoal replacement.

'The food tastes better!' I said. 'And they don't have to be messy.'

Enter the Weber 22.5-Inch One-Touch Gold Kettle Grill.

Weber are known as an American classic and backyard staple since George Stephen fashioned the first one out of buoy parts at the Weber Metal Works factory in 1951.  

Its instantly recognizable dome-shaped lid makes for efficient heating and prevents flare-ups, and the large round cooking grill accommdates most of what you'd need for a gathering of family and friends gathering.

The Weber One-Touch Gold charcoal grill features heavy-gauge porcelain enamel that prevents rust - so it can be left outside in the yard with no risk of deteriorating. The one-touch cleaning and venting system allows you to empty the ash in seconds without getting your hands dirty; the hinged cooking grate allows for easy re-fueling and it comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Prices are around $150.00

'The design is sleek,' say the manufacturers. 'The results are delicious.'

The porcelain-enameled lid and bowl mean that heat radiates evenly and is designed to never rust, fade, or peel. With a tripod base and all-weather wheels, it is both sturdy and easy to maneuver. It is the grill that launched Weber and comes out top in almost all charcoal grill reviews. 

Weber has many lifelong fans and this grill is no exception.
'We ended up with another Weber, the Gold Model,' said one buyer. 'There have been a lot of improvements that keep it attractive. The ash catcher really does make cleanup much easier and the vent system is more functional. The grill itself has the new flip-up hatches that allow you to add more coals and move them around without having to lift up the grill.'

'A well-made and very functional grill with all sorts of interesting available accessories that really work well. There is a reason for the popularity of the Weber. Hard to beat,' adds another.

So the consensus is that old ones were good but the new ones are a definite improvement, particularly the one-touch vent system. 'No more knocking each vent with a trowel,' said one owner. 'Nothing dramatic, but good progress.'

The big cooking grate gets many compliments and food cooks well across the grate as long as the coals are spread evenly. 
'It's easy to love a Weber grill,' adds another customer. 'The design is a classic and has proven itself for around 50 years. The grill is incredibly versatile. I only rarely use my big smoker since it's pretty simple to slow cook roasts, ribs and briskets on the Weber. And it's ideal for direct grilling of steaks, burgers, sausages and vegetables.'

Customers recommend the chimney starter, noting that not all chimney starters are reliable but the Weber one is.

So never mind the propane - no more smell, taste and expense of lighter fuel!

Installation is easy and satisfying - a lovely shiny new grill put together by yours truly. And, 'all of the parts seemed to be built to last. The lid forms a nice seal with the base of the kettle.'
'Everything about it seems perfect,' said one customer. 'I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I know it makes no sense to say that a grill has improved my cooking, but as far as I'm concerned it has. My pork chops have been consistently cooked properly and juicy. My steaks have been delicious. My kebabs out of this world.'
You can come round here and cook anytime, then...
Check out more consumer reviews here.

There were some reports of issues with quality control - lids that don't fit, wobbly wheels etc. so the best advice is to check very carefully on first purchase and return straight away if something seems wrong. 

Weber has a great reputation for 'terrific' customer service but it is much easier to get a replacement for an unused grill. Some customers reported that the grill is 'not as good as the ones they used to make' but many others disagree.
The company has a comprehensive website where you can download manuals, buy spare parts and browse FAQs for extra tips on cleaning, cooking, lighting etc. 

Others warned that the handle gets really hot: wear a grilling mitt. And keep the kids at a distance!

Customers would also like a built-in thermometer.

But if you, like many purchasers, are keen to get back to your 'grilling roots' then the Weber is for you.
'I was in search of that taste I remembered as a child when my father would fire up a old Charcoal grill,' said one buyer. 'So I bought a Weber One Touch Gold 22.5 Inch Grill and it's GREAT! It is so versatile and everything that I cook on it comes off it tasting so so much better than anything did on a Propane grill.'

As for us... well I thought that there was nothing like freshly caught Pacific salmon cooked outside on our grill... until I tasted the salmon cooked on our Weber. If you've been away from charcoal for a while you may need to work on getting the coals just right for cooking, but after that, it's easy peasy!
Date Reviewed: May 16, 2012, 3:11 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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