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WebsiteDefender offers a free account and allow free security scans.


I initially had problems putting their monitoring code into my wp-admin, but with a little patience and research I was finally able to get it right.


WebsiteDefender is product that I would recommend trying because the scanner is offers good security features that are important to your website's security.

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Evan75 : I am recently new to the Internet Marketing business and have found that there a...Member Reputation 91 • 15 active Krits
Website Defender from Acunetix
Website Defender Review
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Is WebsiteDefender For You?

What is WebsiteDefender?

This is an online service that scans and monitors your website for hackers, malware, and other security problems. WebsiteDefender is developed by Acunetix, a company that specializes in the security of Wordpress websites.

Having Website Security

Over a million websites have been hacked, so having effective WordPress security requires efficient and updated material on a regular basis. According to statistics the number of hackers and malware is increasing each day. It is important to stay abreast and ahead of these infiltrations.

The job of any good scanner is to find the security holes in your website. The Defender seems to do just that. Keeping a constant watch on your blog or website and reporting any type of security breaches. WebsiteDefender looks for hackers, malware, and any type of security violation to your website. WebsiteDefender also gives easy to follow instructions about fixing the problem.

Having this type of security for a website is necessary in today’s technological world. Spammers and hackers do infiltrate websites and cause problems that need not happen. The scanner makes it hard for this to happen. 

When searching for a good WordPress scanner there needs to be a consideration for all major security risks to your website. Wordpress is an open source program and that means anybody can see the Wordpress codes. Being able to see the code is a great feature of this platform, however hackers can take advantage of this feature to find the flaws and act upon them. This is a major reason why it is important that your Wordpress scanner acts to find and secure these risks.

This application has a lot of good points that make it an interesting addition to your website’s plugins. 

•You are allowed to register a free account and receive a free monthly scan.
•WebsiteDefender provides automated backups and malware free backups.
•This scanner alerts you to WordPress
•Secures your database with encrypted passwords.
•Checks any new plugins or themes before you download for security flaws.

There are many more attractive features to this plugin that make it a very useful tool for your website. When it comes to the security of your website, everything counts towards making it a secure site. When your site is being hosted by third party or run on your on dedicated server there are measures that you take to keep you from being caught off guard.
The scanner allows for implementing the practice of website and blog security through frequent backups. Frequently doing backups that are free of virus can help to ensure the integrity of your website or blog. 

File integrity validation is a key component to your website’s security. There are WordPress scanners that checks for changes to your website’s files. Hackers can find holes through weak passwords and exploit these weaknesses by changing files and permissions.

WebsiteDefender is one of the better scanners to offer protection to your website or blog. There is an upgrade from the free version that fulfills all of the necessary upkeep and maintenance of your blog. 

WebsiteDefender offers a website and blog that is full of useful and helpful information on how to use and secure your blog with this plugin. 

Stay updated through the use of the blog and you can stay up to date on the latest security news. Protect your blog with WebsiteDefender and check your website regularly for flaws and holes in your blog. The blog is full of useful tips for securing your WordPress blog and keeping you alerted to the latest invasions. The WebDefender blog is also a helpful that gives you links to other resources about security for you blog.
Date Reviewed: July 23, 2012, 11:27 am
Reviewed by evan75
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