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Professionally written speeches, can be customized or used as a guide to write own. Help advice on all aspects of speech preparation and presentation.


Individually priced for each speech-role - could be expensive.


If peace of mind is what matters then these guides are for you.

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Wedding Speeches by John Wilson & Belinda Hamilton - REVIEW

Wedding preparation? Well the bride and groom only have to organize the service, the reception, the flowers, the clothes, the guests...

It's YOU that has to give a speech.

A speech that everyone is waiting for - to be entertained, touched, moved and remembered.

Be it 'Father of the Bride' or 'Best Man', wedding speeches are not to be taken lightly.

Nervous? Everything you think of sounds cliched? Or are you worried about your jokes falling on stony (or disapproving...) grounds?

Wedding Speeches for All can help.

Written by wedding experts John Wilson and Belinda Hamilton, these individual guides will help you deliver the speech you dream off: hitting all the right notes and leaving the audience laughing and crying in the best tradition of the best weddings.

You know this is a 'once in a lifetime' moment. 

Don't let your loved ones down!

John and Belinda are authors of several popular wedding speech books and have now made their speech advice available as downloadable eBooks. 

They have decades of experience in writing wedding speeches and their step by step guide gives advice on all aspects of speech giving - preparation, content and presentation.

They have carefully researched the needs and expectations of your audience, as well as working with experienced speech writers, wedding specialists and professional public speakers.

People who give speeches for a living; who know how to work with an audience and how to make their words memorable and appropriate.

'Years of experience in a nutshell,' say John and Belinda. 'This comprehensive package will give you everything you ever need to know about giving your Wedding Speech.'

The package is separated into different types of speeches (father of the bride, maid of honor, best man etc.) and includes professionally written speech samples, a guide to help you write your own speech, exclusive toasts, one-liners and quotations and advice on delivery and managing nerves.

'All this can be on your computer screen within minutes!' they say. 'Eliminate guess work and worries, have complete peace of mind and confidence about your speech for the wedding day.'

And as we all know, confidence is half the battle.

So lets look a the packages in a little more detail.

The Father of the Bride speech is perhaps the most crucial: 

And the advice here is to be genuine. 'The more genuine you are the more impressive your speech will be.'

You want to come across and loving and caring; emotional (but not over the top), nostalgic but also happy about your daughter's marriage.

'No pretence, no exaggeration and no overstatements. And certainly no going overboard with emotions,' say John and Belinda.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? 

But faced with the blank page and all that expectation and responsibility, the 25 'Time-tested, Proven, Outstanding Father of the Bride Speeches,' could be an absolute godsend.

At the very least they are a place to start.

The guide covers how to begin the speech, how to add punch, advice on length, who to thank and welcome and what to do if your mind goes blank.

You can 'enthrall' your audience 'even if you have never written a speech or have never spoken in public all your life.'

It may be the only time you do it - so why not make your speech the best it can be?

The eBooks (for each set of speeches) costs $19.95.

And what about other speeches? Well according to John and Belinda, a Best Man should come across as a 'confident, classy, wacky and an impressive speaker.'

You need to be both witty and meaningful.

And the guide works, according to the endorsements on the Wedding Speeches for All website.

One user liked the variety.

'There were so many different styles of intros and closures I could choose from.'

And another found it helpful with that all-important confidence. 

'Now that I had an entertaining speech ready I suddenly started feeling excited about my speech rather than being nervous.'

And one reviewer was especially complimentary about Belinda's female perspective. 'Belinda has really got into a bride’s mind and has put the bride’s thoughts in beautiful words,' she said.

Independent reviews of this product were scarce online - and I would have liked to see more objective comments on the writing and content.

However the material is praised as 'highly entertaining, adaptable and flexible' with a blend of 'humor, substance and meaning.'

Each package has 25 samples so there is plenty of variety. And one reviewer advised that to create a truly special speech you can't just copy the samples. 

'It’s not a magical guide... if you simply start reading a sample from the book – you will look ridiculous.  This book is just a roadmap.'

Nevertheless, it is a road map written by experts, who have distilled their years of experience into the material. No one wants you to fail at your wedding speech, least of all the authors of Wedding Speeches for all.

Good luck!
Date Reviewed: February 6, 2012, 2:50 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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