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Great portable hard drive with a lot of space.


Not compatible with certain games if you plan to use it for game backups.


Very good price for a dependable, quality portable hard drive with a ton of space.

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My Passport 1 TB Hard Drive from Western Digital
Western Digital My Passport 1 TB Review
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The Western Digital My Passport 1 TB is the Perfect Portable Hard Drive

I am a gadget girl and I also work from home so I need to have a gadget that I can backup all my computers on as well as my work.† This Western Digital hard drive is exactly what I need because it holds an entire terabyte of information.† I know that it will take me quite a while to fill it up and if I do, the price is so good that buying a second one is not a problem.† (In fact, I have 3 on my desk right now). I've tried different hard drives and externals but these are still my favorites.

At just a little over a hundred dollars, this is quite the price reduction from just a year and a half ago when these drives were selling for nearly four hundred dollars.† This is also a great example of why it sometimes pays to wait until an electronic is out for awhile before buying. I bought my first one when they were recently released and much higher in price. I had used Western Digital externals before and I am a fan of the My Passport series but when they came out with the 1 TB storage space, I had to get one to start with. Later, when the price dropped, I got two more.

They are portable so theyíre great for when we go on vacation or business travel and I need to bring my files with me. In my line of work, I cannot afford to lose my hard drives or lose my files in my computer becomes infected. There are so many great features on this hard drive in addition to the great storage capacity that I recommend them to all of my friends and family.

Product Features I have never seen a backup hard drive that allows me to password protect it and this is a feature that I absolutely adore.† You never what can happen so I know that if I save all of my information on this the only way that anyone can access it will be with the password.† Even if the drive is stolen, the only way it can be used is if someone reformats it and in that case my files are no longer accessible.

Why It Rocks!

So, the huge capacity of this hard drive is the biggest selling point for me along with the low price tag on it.† I mean seriously, the My Passport that is five hundred gigs is just thirty dollars less and I am not sure why anyone would buy the smaller one.† The transfer rates on this unit are super fast when connected to a USB 3.0 port but they do slow down considerably when using the older 2.0 or lower ports.† I love the fact that when I have this unit plugged in it automatically updates as I am working. †I donít have to click on anything for this to happen.† As soon as I hit the save button, the file is not only saved on my computer, but also to the hard drive.† How easy is that?

Itís Not All Roses

While there is so much I love about this drive there are some issues that concern me.† First, it does have some issues with staying connected but that can very well be because the port is not a 2.0 USB or higher.† Another thing, this hard drive is not compatible with some of the gaming systems I use but while Iím not worried about that, others who want this hard drive for that reason may be.† The bottom line is that this hard drive is very affordable and as long as it will back up my hard drive, which is does, then I donít have a problem purchasing it.

What Others Say
LDB says, ďThis is my first experience with a Western Digital hard drive. I purchased the 1 TB Passport drive as opposed to others mainly because CNET awarded its Editors' Choice for the 2 TB model ( which was not available for sale when I placed my order). I am currently using the WD SmartWare (version that comes with loaded the device.Ē
Anonymous states, ďMy entire world revolves around secure and simple backup and storage for my files. Over the years, I've tried several external hard drives and USB units, each of which wound up being replaced by one with fewer glitches and less down time required for use. I thought the last unit I purchased would be just that: my last. But it suffered from a problem that this My Passport Essential does not: it was too complicated and the software was hinky and had to be updated, upgraded and re-down-loaded repeatedly. My Passport seems to have bypassed the software and firmware craziness with a good, solid product in all area. Of course it's possible that over long-term use my opinion might change, but at this point, I'm delighted with the ease of use and the simple interface that facilitates that. It's got my vote for Backup Unit of the Year!Ē
Letís Sum It All Up!

I need a big hard drive that will back up all my computers and where I can store my photos, videos and all my work files and personal documents.† This hard drive does just that and for a great price too which is really surprising to me.† Itís an all-around good product. They are durable, too.
Date Reviewed: May 15, 2012, 8:53 am
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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