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Debt information is available for free - but the quality of this information can't be guaranteed.


Recommended, especially if you are short on time and need help quickly to resolve pressing problems.

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Review of "What Lies in Your Debt", by Liberty Marketing, LLC

Money stress - it keeps you up at night and makes you dread the post and the phone ringing.

And what about the risks to your home and belongings, never mind the threat to your family and lifestyle.

'Relax!' say What Lies in Your Debt.

You can worry yourself silly trying to find ways to make the minimum payments every month (sound familiar?). Or you can get them to pay you.

Yes you heard that right. What Lies in Your Debt say that they can get credit card companies to pay you instead.

With the proper information, they say, you can fight back and put the lenders on the run. You have options and don't have to sit around being a victim of the economic downturn and uncertain job market.

Now that sounds more like it!

The rationale behind What Lies in Your Debt is that banks bringing foreclosure actions forward often do not have the legal right to do so - in most cases this right lies with other agencies: a servicer or trustee. Across the country banks and debt collectors are engaging in abuses of the law, which you can use to fight back.

And in addition to this the courts are becoming less tolerate of fraud involving mortgage loans, foreclosure proceedings and debt collection.

Some mistakes and frauds violate your consumer rights - examples given by What Lies in Your Debt are cases where the mortgage does not match the note, or mortgages which do not properly transfer rights.

'There are many factors which make almost all foreclosures illegal,' say What Lies in Your Debt. You can make it stop - including a 'nearly 100% success rate' in stopping debt collectors.

'With our proven, easy to follow system, you will be able to stay in your home and keep your cash,' says Jesse, the leading figure in What Lies in Your Debt.

Joining What Lies in Your Debt costs $99 for the first month and $49 after that. For this you become a member of the group with access to benefits such as live webinar training, expert support, a member forum, extensive ready-to-go complaints and forms that 'make you money', an extensive reference system, and daily news from the experts to keep you up to date.

And What Lies in Your Debt makes significant promises: A 60 day money back guarantee if you cannot stop your foreclosure, stop debt collectors harassing you and clean up your credit. 

So what do users and customers say about the advice and support they've received from What Lies in Your Debt?

Well, naturally, there are great endorsements on their webpage.

'The staff at What Lies In Your Debt have high knowledge and treat everyone with great respect,' said one.

'I highly recommend that anyone who has an issue with their loans or mortgages leverage the resources this business has put together,' said another.

And independent reviewers agree that these people know their consumer debt laws.

'Great information to help you financially,' said one. 'If you're hurt by the mortgage crisis either by foreclosure, credit card debt and or debt collectors the information from these guys is expremely valuable.'

After all, knowledge is power...

Others reviewers note that 'there is a lot of free information on debt elimination' available but add that What Lies in Your Debt, 'help people not to do stupid things'. 

And others say that the results for customers are good.

'Yes, they are having very good results. I know 3 people personally who are getting offers from the debt collectors to settle!'

Users of debt and credit relief forums advise potential customers to 'look up FDCPA, FRCA, TILA and TCPA if you want to be intelligent when in that group.' (These are the consumer credit and mortgage acts relevant to debt collection and foreclosure).

And others note that What Lies in Your Debt have 'good marketing' but have not posted their case pleadings or dockets.

However if you do not want to untangle this minefield on your own then Jesse comes recommended. 'I know Jesse personally. He is extremely credible, helpful, and honest individual,' said one forum user.

And the refund rate for this service is very low: 0.12%.

Which means that customers are happy with the service. 

So if you're happy to pay for good information and expert advice rather than battle on on your own, then this service is for you.
Date Reviewed: February 23, 2012, 1:29 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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