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It's a good product based on your needs and if you want to save some money instead of buying the newest version.


The price is still too high for me for the storage and other features that I get. I think I'd prefer the new iPad.


A good product from a trusted company but make sure it's what you really need before you drop all that money on it.

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iPad 2 White 2nd Generation from Apple
White Apple IPad 2 Review
Lisa Mason rates this 3.5/5
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Apple iPad 2 White with WiFi is a Great Tablet Choice

I have been looking to get one of the Apple iPads because I have wanted one since they first came out.† I already have an iPod Touch but I love the idea of the larger screen but I was not sure which version of the iPad I should purchase.† There are newer models than this one but I am looking for an older model because the price is much better for my budget.† Since this is the second generation of the iPad 2, it has some upgrades from the first version and even the original iPad that I really like.

†I use my computer on a daily basis. I also have a laptop, a netbook and a smartphone. Itís important for me to stay connected. Iíve always been partial to PC except for my iPod. However, the iPad is the type of tablet that cross all types and generations of people. Even many who were not previous Apple fans are drawn in by the iPad. The following are some of my favorite features of this version of the iPad:

Product Features
  • Lightweight
  • More RAM than the Previous Version
  • 16 GB
  • Thin Body
This is basically a jazzed up version of the original iPad and that is not a bad thing in my opinion since the first iPad was such a hit.† I am sure that there are many other newer generations of this tablet that come with better specifications but the cost is much higher on those and I cannot yet afford one.† This generation is expensive enough at $400 and Iím not quite sure it is worth it.† After all, I could get an eBook reader with internet access and WiFi capabilities for half the price.

Why I am Thinking About Buying This iPad

One of the main reasons Iím thinking about buying this tablet is simply for the Apple name.† I know that there are a lot of apps that are available for this product and I know that when apps are created they are often first made for Apple rather than for the other operating systems like Android.† I am an app hound so this is a big selling point for me.† I also like that it is thin and lightweight and would fit in most of my purses so it is a great deal more portable than my laptop.† Portability is very important to me since I have a young baby and already carry around his baby things so adding a laptop in the mix is a pain.† I also like that there is more RAM and a larger hard drive but really neither one would be considered top of the line though they are better than the original. If you add to it the fact that I can transfer all of the apps I already have for my iPod Touch, this is a real winning choice.

What Will Probably Stop Me from Buying this iPad

While there is more storage and memory, it is simply not enough for what I would need.† Perhaps I am spoiled, but I would prefer to have at least a gig of RAM and at least 32 GB of storage.† I know that these can be had by purchasing a higher level model. In fact, since the New iPad has come onto the market, I am seriously considering buying one of those instead. The price point is very closely matched with the iPad 2 and for all that I could get with the new iPad, I think I am better off spending a couple hundred more and getting it instead. If Iím going to take the plunge, why not dive into the deep end, right?†
†What People Are Saying
Craig Wisenhunt says, ďThe iPad 2 is absurdly thin. More importantly than it's thinness is its tapered edge which feels more natural in your hand. One of the biggest complaints about the original iPad was it really wasn't tremendously comfortable to hold for long periods at a time. For a tablet device designed to be held, that's a pretty big deal.Ē
Steve Kraner says, ďIf you are considering an iPad - beware it may be a time-sink. Depending on what you want to do, a Kindle may be a better choice.Ē

The Final Say

While I like the idea of owning an iPad, not to be cool but to make my life more portable when Iím out running errands or stuck at the doctorís office, Iím not sure I want to spend this kind of money for very little storage and even less RAM when there are other tablet options out there.† I do like some of the aspects of this tablet but with more and more companies coming out with low cost tablets Iím not sure I can justify this purchase.† I am seriously considering the new iPad though with all of its upgrades and features.
Date Reviewed: May 10, 2012, 10:35 am
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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