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White Cloud takes pride in the quality of their product and their customer service, both of which are held in high esteem by their loyal customers.


White Cloud charges more for their e cigarette starter kits and batteries than their competitors


White Cloud has a lot of satisfied customers and based on unbiased reviews this is a product that delivers on it's promise.

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White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes from Whitecloudelectroniccigarettes.com
White Cloud The Bentley Of E Cigarettes
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White Cloud Review - The Bentley of E Cigarettes

The White Cloud starter kit is flat out the most expensive kit on the market. But is it worth the money? First, let's put expensive in perspective. The basic starter kit is equivalent to two cartons of cigarettes. Once you've got that covered you'll still see huge savings on the cartridge refills which come in packs of 5 and cost $19.95 for what is the equivalent of 1 carton of cigarettes. So it's the initial investment which is steeper than nearly all White Cloud competitors. But as an investment you're still spending significantly less on this e cigarette than you spend on smoking, not to mention the health and other benefits.

What are the benefits of switching to e cigarettes?

Beyond the significant benefit to your wallet, there are other enormous benefits from switching to e cigarettes over smoking tobacco cigarettes. Are you aware that tobacco cigarettes contain @ 601 known carcinogens? E cigarettes are completely smokeless, you are inhaling a water based vapor (basically steam) and they contain just a few ingredients, all of which are contained in products we eat, such as ethyl acetate which is used to decaffeinate coffee and tea and propylene glycol which is recognized as a safe additive by the FDA and (as I just discovered,) can be found in things like nasal sprays used to prevent sinus infections! (Feeling better now, thanks!)

So by using e cigarettes you are cutting out the two major causes of illness due to smoking: the smoking itself and the carcinogens one inhales when one smokes. On top of that you are no longer producing second hand smoke so the people around you will love you more! They'll also love the way you smell because e cigarettes leave NO residual odor!! Furthermore, the environment will love you because you will no longer be contributing to the pile of cigarette butts clogging our land fills and getting into our water supply!

So how does White Cloud stack up against the competition?

Very well, actually. In my research I checked out unbiased independent forum reviews and White Cloud consistently got high marks for both their accessories and their flavors. The general consensus is that this is a product of undeniable quality. I definitely saw people griping about the price but this was generally in the context of justifying and accepting it at the same time. No outrage or even disappointment. So White Cloud produces satisfied customers regardless of the price of their starter kit and those who prefer a cheaper alternative have plenty of other options to choose from out there (I recommend PureCigs.com if you're on a tight budget.)

What makes White Cloud stand out?

White Cloud has an exceptionally low failure rate and their batteries and cartridges last longer than their competitors. If you're new to this game, the challenge has been to create a product that doesn't need to be charged as frequently and produces the best flavor, the steadiest draw and the most vapor. White cloud cartridges are designed to withstand the rigors of being knocked around. Other brands I've researched will tell you not to leave your cig in certain positions or risk the fluid leaking. The battery is also built to withstand abuse and last 3-5 times longer than the competition. The white cloud customer service warranty is one of the most extensive in the industry and their customer service gets excellent ratings. 

White Cloud as a company is expanding in solid, steady fashion in the physical world through retail locations and kiosks. That will be an advantage in years to come so you can get a refill around the corner instead of having to remember to order it online.

And finally, they have some really cool looking vapor jackets to protect your e cigs and give them character. I haven't seen such variety offered anywhere else.

Use Coupon Code C3X-10 for a 10% discount. Just place it right in the coupon box as you're checking out and your discount will be reflected in the final amount of your order! To check out White Cloud, click here

Date Reviewed: January 10, 2012, 12:47 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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