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Easy to understand Installs quickly Monitors all activity on the computer Will get you any passwords and login information.


Some users have a hard time uninstalling this program You will need to thoroughly read the FAQ to use/install/uninstall correctly.


If you really need a monitoring program, don't mess around with free/shareware. Just get this one and save yourself the effort. There's a free-trial available so you have nothing to lose.

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Win Spy Review
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Win-Spy (Monitoring Software) REVIEW - Here's what real customers are saying...

Win-Spy is a program that is one of the most, if not THE most, comprehensive computer monitoring programs we've ever come across for sale. This type of program closely monitors and records everything done on the computer you install it on. A good example would be to keep track of what websites your children are visiting when you're not home. We've all heard horror stories about children being lured away by people with bad intentions and even being harassed to the point they become extremely depressed. There's also that underlying fear that our spouse is spending a bit too much time chatting or Facebooking with someone inappropriately and not being honest about it.
These are just a few simple examples of what you can keep track of with a program like Win-Spy. Here are some basic examples of what you could do with this program.
Usage Examples
Monitor Spouse - I know, this is a breach of trust but if you have a terrible feeling that your significant other is up to no good and hiding things from you, this will get you all of their passwords, account numbers and even take screenshots at specified intervals that you can look at. This could prove invaluable should the worst happen and you end up in court. This could also allow you to prepare yourself financially for something coming your way. Find out your spouse is planning to clean out your bank account and move to Ecuador? Now you have time to make sure that bank account isn't accessible.  You can even see all of their Skype activity if that's an issue.
Be warned, this has the potential to backfire on you should your spouse realize you've done this.
Monitor Children - The Internet is a dirty, filthy place and many people who inhabit it enjoy hurting others. Children are easy targets due to their innocence and lack of experience in life. You can badmouth an adult online and it could be funny, do that to a child and it could dramatically effect their lives. Knowing if this is happening can help you explain things to your children while also keeping them from making bad decisions or other mistakes. You can add similar monitoring programs for phones for added protection.
Monitor Employees - Most people associate programs like Win-Spy with cheating spouses but this type of software was actually primarily developed as a deterrent to workplace misbehavior. You don't want to pay someone $20/hour to watch silly cats on YouTube or play video games. This is a great way to keep your employees in check.
Nanny Cam -  With Win-Spy you can actually remotely operate webcams and microphones. Is your jewelry disappearing? Is your babysitter not 100% how you think they should be with your children? You can easily set this program up to monitor your house discreetly. In some cases, you can even use it as a fully functioning security system. Most other programs like this don't have this option at all.
Win-Spy really does so much this review couldn't do it justice without being so long you wouldn't want to keep reading. Let's answer a few common questions instead.
Can Win-Spy Get Me Passwords?
Absolutely. You can probably get them within one day. You'll know everyone in your house's login information and find out if they have secret accounts you don't even know about. You can get the passwords in text form and in screenshot form.
Can Win-Spy Tell Me How Long Someone Is Online?
Again, absolutely. If you have imposed a time limit on computer use and want to enforce that rule even when you're not at home, Win-Spy can do this for you. You can even access these logs from a different computer or get regular e-mail updates. 
Can Win-Spy Tell Me What Sites People Go On?
You bet! This will not only tell you but will show you exactly what's going on when someone is on these sites. You can view pop up chat windows, information typed into forms and anything else you can imagine.
The Bottom Line
I took the time to install the free trial of this program and let it run for 20 minutes as I browsed the web and played an online game. I then went to discover what Win-Spy had to say about what I was doing. I was actually quite amazed that it was able to take screenshots of everything I was doing at very fast intervals. It caused no slowdown whatsoever. Just for comparison sake I tried a freeware one as well. That one didn't take screenshots and the text logs weren't functional at all.
If you are looking for monitoring software that can't be detected and will give you more information about what's going on with your loved ones or employees, you won't find a more comprehensive program than Win-Spy
Date Reviewed: January 24, 2012, 9:01 pm
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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