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The menu is easy to use and navigate, with optimization just a click away. It also comes with a free trial.


You can't remove threats without paying for the full license fee, which may displease some customers.


If your computer is slow, consider investing in this product.

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WiseFixer from FoxTh Software Technology
WiseFixer Review
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WiseFixer (Fix PC / SpeedUp PC Software) - FULL REVIEW

While new computers require little maintenance (if any) to run fast, older computers usually need a little boost, often in the form of a computer-cleaning program.  WiseFixer is a software program that does just that--removing erroneous computer registry entries that slow down the computer's performance, like the program Registry Easy.  But that's not all it does: It also optimizes other features such as system settings and start-up items.  It's like a registry cleaner on steroids, minus the spyware and computer malfunctions that usually accompany typical registry-cleaning software.

How WiseFixer Works

WiseFixer is deceptively simple when it comes to computer optimization--while its cleaning process is anything but simple, the easy-to-navigate menu makes for easy, no-hassle cleaning regardless of your computer proficiency.  

Here's how it works: After installation, WiseFixer launches from the computer's menu, where you'll gain instantaneous access to its cleaning services, ranging from optimization of your menu and computer services to removal of erroneous registry items.  These commands are represented by big, picturesque buttons--they're hard to miss.

By clicking a button, WiseFixer runs you through the cleaning process; most of the time, it runs the cleaning process instantaneously.  From there, you simply wait until the cleaning process is over.  After it's over, you can choose to do another cleaning process or exit the program.  There's no need to restart or shut down the computer for the optimization to take effect.

If you do run into trouble--not likely to happen--you can also use WiseFixer's "Support" feature, a tiny button located on the top menu of the program.  Help is available via email, and most customers report that it's prompt and fast.

You can test out WiseFixer's features by downloading a free trial from, but be warned--you can't remove any detected computer errors without paying for the program's full license.  It's not cheap either: expect to spend $38.97 for a single user license.  If you want to use this product on multiple computers, you need to buy additional license fees, which add up quickly.

Issues with WiseFixer

Despite it being commonly labeled as a registry cleaner, WiseFixer doesn't contain many drawbacks; most registry cleaners often scam people, sometimes resulting in identity theft.  WiseFixer seems to be free of these problems, and thus isn't a security concern here.

However, it still engages in the bait-and-switch technique most registry cleaners use, so be warned.  While its free trial can help identify potential problems, you need to pay up to remove it--something that experts regard as a deceitful tactic.  This probably won't make some customers happy.  However, WiseFixer hasn't been shown to steal or misuse information, so it's not as bad as other registry cleaners.  Rest assured your pocketbook--and your identity--is safe here.

What the Customers are Saying

Surprisingly enough, customers unanimously agree this product works.  Here's what they had to say:

"My friend recommends me to try Wisefixer, and gave me a license of his.  I tried and it Worked.  Unbelievable!  I have tried several similar softwares and reached no result at all.  Wisefixer did it."

"Like this program because it has some REALLY useful functions, like IE restore, Active X reregister and System Backup.  My three year old computer is running much better now and I am going to put it on my Mother's computer tonight to see if it works."

"User friendly interface, multiple functions, good service."

"Bought Wisefixer 30days ago and have been using it everyday to scan and clean my computer.  All problems are fixed and computer does run much faster than before.  Wonder how this magic is done."


As a registry cleaner, WiseFixer is one of the best, effortlessly cleaning out content without confusing users.  Its easy-to-use interface and simple navigability makes this a highly recommended product.
Date Reviewed: March 12, 2012, 12:21 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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