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Great concept, good reviews when working well.


Connectivity and buffering issues could make it frustrating to use.


Not quite there yet but you will love it as much as your iPhone once the bugs are ironed out.

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Smart Baby Monitor by Withings from Withings
Withings Smart Baby Monitor Review
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Withings Smart Baby Monitor - Full Review

Like the Apple products it is clearly inspired by, the Withings Smart Baby Monitor is instantly appealing: sleek, compact and (you would hope) seamless in operation.

Just place the monitor in your baby's room and view instant video, audio and other information via your iPhone or iPad anywhere in the world.


With high resolution video, night vision, unlimited range, and 'simple and intuitive connectivity' this is a product for the tech-savvy parent who is on the move. 

The monitor also gives parents the ability to talk to their baby from anywhere; to play lullabies and adjust lighting.

It's about as close as you can get without being there. The monitor also allows you (via an app) to receive discrete alerts about your child's environment (noise, motion, temperature etc.), giving you peace of mind wherever you are.

The monitor connects via Wi-Fi so you can see and talk to your child from anywhere you can get an internet connection, and there is an impressive list of features.

It sounds perfect, but the crucial test lies with the parents, those on-the-move demanding consumers who want it working, working well and working now.

So what do they think?

Well the idea is great, and people are clearly ready for this sort of intelligent application of technology to real life issues. 
 Here are some typical comments:

'Fantastic concept and great product for iPhone-using parents who are out and about a lot. However, can be temperamental with that buffering.' (Meaning delays in the video/audio stream)

'When the unit works, it is absolutely great: good sound sensitivity and the video feature mostly works as advertised. Unfortunately it frequently does not function, and I find myself performing a hard reboot by removing the battery far more often than I would like.'

So the idea is great but the actuality is that this is (in one customer's words), an 'alpha release'.

There are some real fans:

'I LOVE that I can access it away from home,' said one working mum. 'It is so wonderful to see my baby sleeping while I have to work late.'

'This baby monitor is pretty much the coolest baby-related gadget we've purchased,' said another. 'It completely met my expectations. I think it could be improved with the ability to access it from a web browser, but otherwise, good work, Withings!'

So here's the nitty-gritty. It only works on iPhone or iPad, not via your computer. And some people have reported connectivity problems.

However even using an iPhone there are issues, for example if you are using other apps on your phone then the stream from the baby monitor can be interrupted. 

'I really wanted to like this,' said one review. '... iPhone/iPad integration, portable, it has some nice features.'

But they went on to report connectivity issues and the fact that Withings charge to view away from home (15 minutes a day are free).

But when it works, people love it.

'I really enjoy having this baby monitor and have already recommended it to several of my friends. If you have an iPhone and the $$$, I would say go for it, you will not be disappointed,' said one parent.

So there is a lot of goodwill for this product and idea. People want it to work. But they want more solid connectivity and an extension of the remote free viewing. They want the Smart Baby Monitor to segue in seamlessly with their existing devices and to be robust (not freeze, drop out or be subject to bugs). Then it would be worth it's 'lofty' price tag.

But the features are good: picture quality, audio - especially in comparison to other monitors. One reviewer said, 'the value is outstanding considering all you're getting.'

But you may be frustrated. If you can wait, then monitor the reviews and releases. As with much new technology, the 'early adopters' are prepared to pay to have the newest gadgets; but they also pay whilst the bugs are ironed out.

And for heavy iPhone users the appeal is clear. It's hugely convenient to view a baby monitor on an app instead of working with a separate monitoring or video device. 

Over to you, Withings.
Date Reviewed: March 27, 2012, 11:32 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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