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Withings Wi Fi Scale Review From: Withings

Can be used with social media; allows you to measure fat mass, BMI, lean mass, and weight.

It's reportedly not accurate.

Choose a different scale for better, accurate readings.

REVIEWED - Is the Withings Wi-Fi Scale Really Worth the Hype?

We all seem to be hooked to social media--so why not your scale too? That's what Withings, the company behind the Withings Wi-Fi Scale, seems to think, much to our amusement (or horror, if you'd rather keep your real weight a mystery). Weighing in at $159.00, it connects virtually to the Internet to chart your weight progress, records both weight and BMI, and can even analyze your total fat mass and lean mass. However, I was skeptical of its ability to accurately determine fat mass and lean mass--and its multiple social media-friendly features seemed like overkill to me. Here is my review.


Measuring 12.6 inches by 12.6 inches, this certainly isn't a small scale by any means--luckily, it's also paper-thin, meaning it won't be too hard to store. Weighing in at 7 pounds, it's also not a light scale, either, and its glass interface means it is very fragile--don't plan on putting this through any wear and tear. Color options are limited, and range from black to white.

Like most modern scales, such as the FitBit Wi-Fi Scale, the Withings Wi-Fi Scale features a clear, digital LCD screen, which determines and calculates your body weight, BMI, and fat mass--among some of its things. The scale also connects to the computer via USB device, though you'll only need to do this to set up the scale for Internet use--such as having it track your weight readings. The interface itself remains very basic, so there isn't a lot of gadgetry to mess with, aside from the initial computer setup.


The main selling feature of the Withings Wi-Fi Scale is its ability to input your status directly online, with additional options to connect to social media websites, such as Twitter and Google Health. It also integrates with over 40 Internet fitness and health websites, such as Weightbot and Runkeeper. For instance, the scale can tweet your latest weigh-in to your followers without you having to do it manually; this may either be a good or bad thing, depending if you want your readings to be public or not. If you're worried the scale will make all of your readings automatically public online, don't worry--all initial readings are recorded privately on a password-protected website.


To measure lean mass, fat mass, BMI, and weight correctly, the Withings Wi-Fi scale uses something called ITO invisible electrodes, which sense your body composition and then estimate your current mass. It's unclear how the science works with this scale, but previous scales which have utilized this method have been very inaccurate--often underestimating fat and lean mass by several pounds. Customers have confirmed this by reporting it often reports inaccurate readings. Its weight measurement seems to be fairly accurate, however, and weight readings can be switched between kilograms and pounds.


The main issue here, at least according to customers, seems to be its inaccurate body fat and mass readings. Many of them report these readings are very inaccurate; some even had to return it due to this issue. In some cases, the scale also malfunctioned while calculating these readings, which rendered it useless. Luckily, this isn't a common issue, but still is an issue to consider.

The other main issue with this scale is its heavy reliance on the Internet to record weights and compile charts. While its social media features are a nice touch, you'll need to have a good Internet connection to make this work--and it most likely has to be wireless, since it needs to connect to your Internet connection. If you don't have a wireless connection, you're pretty much out of luck here.

Customer Feedback
"Anyway, if you want anything close to accurate, I would pass on this scale for now until they sort out their body fat estimation. If you don't really care that much and are happy with the weight being accurate (which it is), then it's a pretty nice scale (just pricey)." - Amazon.com customer
"The scale has some fun potential but it should be recognized that technology does not necessarily bring about increased accuracy. I've rated this scale with 5 stars because it is what it appears to be, the design is beautiful and the scale uses technology in innovative ways. The scale has potential for becoming an an awesome product as Withings has the capability to enhance its current capabilities easily." - Amazon.com customer

  • Measures weight, BMI, fat mass, and lean mass
  • Compiles your weigh-ins into online charts
  • Works with Twitter and Google Health

  • May be too complicated
  • Expensive
  • Need Internet access to use


Although the features are definitely high-tech, its accuracy isn't the best, which is why this isn't a favorite for me. Therefore, I suggest looking for cheaper models--models which prize accuracy over gimmicky features.
Date Reviewed: May 28, 2012, 6:50 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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